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13 Recipes That Aren’t Your Tia’s Ponche Recipes

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To get the night started, you can make yourself this ponche sour.

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Perfect for those that like whiskey.

Or if you’re a fan of chocolate, this ponche de Nutella is perfect for you.

Ain’t nothing sweeter. ?

To keep it fresh, stick to this watermelon ponche.?

Antojo cumplido :3 #ponche o #agualoca ?? ? #saturdaynight

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Which has a dash of lemons and apples.

But if you’re trying to spice things up a little, try out this ponche with gin.


Or, a ponche of pumpkin and ginger.

¡Más cremoso imposible! Este ?PONCHE DE AUYAMA y JENGIBRE ? está perfecto para compartir y disfrutar entre amigos y familia. ¿Tú con quien lo compartirías? ?? INGREDIENTES: 2 Tazas de agua 1 Libra de auyama, pelada 2 Astillas de canela 1 Lonja de jengibre 2 Clavos de olor 2 Latas de Leche Evaporada CARNATION® 315g 1 Lata de Leche Condensada LA LECHERA® 405g 1 Cucharadita de nuez moscada 2 Yemas 1 Taza de ron dorado Preparación: En una olla lleva al fuego las dos tazas de agua con la auyama, la canela, el jengibre, clavos de olor. Dejar hervir hasta que la auyama esté blanda. Retira del fuego, cuela para que retires las especias. Licuar auyama, liquido de la cocción, las latas Leche Evaporada CARNATION®, reserve ¼ taza, la Leche Condensada LA LECHERA®, la sal y nuez-moscada cocina sin dejar de mover hasta que rompa en hervor. Aparte, mezcla las yemas, la leche reservada restante e incorpora a la mezcla de leche, continúa cocinando hasta espesar. Retira del fuego, deja refrescar añade el ron poco a poco, lleva a la nevera, sirve frío. #JacquelinChefRD #Compartelo #Xmas #NavidadEnMiCocina #Navidad2016 #Navidad #YaseSientelaBrisa #Ponche #Navideño #NoEsLoMismoSinCarnation @carnationdominicana

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Check out the ingredients in the description above!

It only gets better with this ponche de pistacho.?

I’ll take one! ?

Check out this ponche of jamaica y caña.

#yahueleanavidad #loncheria #ponche #frio #campestre #caña #tejocote #jamaica #tamarindo #campestre #capitan #villasdelalamo #navidad

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A perfect, delicious combo.??

Or you can mix the jamaica with pomegranate, almonds and pecans.

So many rich flavors. ??

What about a ponche of strawberries…?

#frutillas #ponche #clasicopadreadan

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Check out how the color of the strawberries changes.

For more sweetness, this pomegranate ponche is a must try.

Especially if you already love eating pomegranates. ❤️

This vibrant ponche de piña must catch your eye.?

?? Si deseas probar algo diferente, preparado con productos naturales y sin gastar dinero de más, deberás prestar atención a la siguiente #receta. Ideal para las épocas de calor y para compartir durante una “escapadita” a la playa o la montaña, el #ponche de #piña se presenta como la #bebida ideal para disfrutar en compañía de familiares y amigos. #Reporte trae para ti una práctica y sencilla receta que puedes preparar en sencillos pasos. Para preparar esta deliciosa y refrescante bebida, deberás tener a la mano lo siguientes ingredientes: ? 3 piñas maduras (frescas) ? 8 litros de agua ? 1 kilogramo de papelón ? Hierbabuena (en cantidad necesaria) Ahora, para prepararlo, deberás: ? Pelar y cortar la piña en trozos medianos. ? Colocar la piña picada junto con la concha en un envase que deberá permanecer en fermentación por espacio de un día. ? En una olla, coloca el papelón y cocina por 30 minutos. ? En una licuadora deberás colocar la concha y la piña picada hasta obtener un jugo. ? Cuela el zumo de la fruta y añádele hierbabuena triturada. ? Sirvela con hielo y ¡disfruta! #SomosMásQueNoticias #Gastronomia #Cocteleria #PineapplePunch #Instashots

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Check out how to make this drink in the description above.

If you want something creamier with leche, this ponche de crema will for sure satisfy your taste buds.

It has flavors of canela and tres leches. ?

And you can never go wrong with the traditional ponche navideño.


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Happy holidays! ?

Enjoy your ponche! ?


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Which type of ponche are you ready to try? Comment and hit the share button below! 

Here's Why Most Latino Nicknames Don't Make Absolutely Any Sense At All


Here’s Why Most Latino Nicknames Don’t Make Absolutely Any Sense At All

Credit: davidhenriebrasil / Tumblr / mitú

Ever wondered where your nickname comes from? Of course we know why some people are called Flaca, Chata, or Pelón. But why is that someone named Jesús is lovingly called Chuy? What about Pepe or Lalo? While these nicknames might feel like they were randomly chosen, there’s usually a straightforward reason to why you get Chuy from Jesús. Usually. Sometimes the explanation takes a little digging and a leap of faith, and sometimes no explanation makes sense. Let’s take a closer look at Spanish nicknames…

Why is Chuy the nickname for Jesús?


Some people believe Chuy is an acronym for Cristo Hijo Unico de Yahweh, which translates to Christ only son of God. While this makes sense, it’s probably not true. Experts tend to argue that Chuy came about because the word Jesúsito was hard for toddlers to pronounce. Toddlers tend to turn ‘s’ sounds into “ch” sounds, and so instead of saying Jesúsito, they ended up saying Chucho, which then became Chuy.

The “ch” sound is why Ignacio became Nacho.


Again, Ignacio is hard for toddlers to pronounce, so they end up saying the shorter, easier version Nacho. And when a toddler mispronounces a name consistently, adults start using it as a permanent nickname, according to the Guadalajara Reporter.

There are a lot of nicknames that were invented because of toddler’s mispronouncing adult names.

CREDIT: Make It Stranger

Rosario became Charo. Consuelo became Chelo. Luis became Luisito which became Lucho. Alicia became Licha. Marcela became Chela. Concepción became Concha. All of these have that “ch” sound toddlers love so much. Babies really know how to mess up a name.

Here’s an example of how easy it is for a baby to completely change a pronunciation.


This isn’t child’s play. José became Pepe because language.


So how does José become Pepe? Well, there’s a few theories out there, but most people tend to agree that Pepe has roots in the Italian language. Giuseppe in Italian is equivalent to Joseph in Spanish (like how Francisco is Frank or Guillermo is William). And a popular nickname for Giuseppe is Beppe/Peppe. So because Joseph and Giuseppe are equivalent in different languages, it makes sense that the nickname for Jose becomes Pepe.

There are a few theories on how Francisco became Pacho/Paco.

Credit: nordictyr / Tumblr

Some people argue that Francisco became Paco because of St. Francis of Assisi, who was known in Latin as Pater Communitatis, which roughly means father of the community. By taking the first two letters of each word, you get Paco, though this theory has mostly been shot down. Others argue that in the Middle Ages, the letters “Ph” were used to create the “F” sound, like the name “Phrancisco.” Because printed writing was an expensive process, names were shortened to save space, meaning that Phrancisco would get shortened to Phco, or Pco, which sounds like Paco when sounded out. However, this theory hasn’t been completely embraced.

Here are some other nicknames you might be familiar with.

Credit: davidhenriebrasil / Tumblr
CREDIT: Credit: davidhenriebrasil / Tumblr

Lalo is the nickname for Eduardo, though no one online seems to know why. Memo is the nickname for Guillermo. Similar to Paco, Paca is the nickname for Francisca. Lupita is a shortened, cute form of Guadalupe. Fito is a nickname for both Adolfo and Rodolfo. Goyo is what you would call Gregorio. Enrique is often known as Kiki, Kiko, or Kiké. You would call Lola by the nickname Delores. And some nicknames are so bizarre they don’t even make sense.

And some nicknames, like Pelón, make total sense.


Sometimes you just gotta earn that nickname.

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Know of anything we left out? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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