These 13 Remixed Atole Recipes Are So Good Your Abuelita Will Wish She Invented Them

Now that the weather’s cooling down, you’re pulling out your San Marcos blankets and are looking forward to nights in with Netflix, there’s nothing better to stay warm with than some sweet atole.

Check out these tasty flavors and learn how to make atole in just about every flavor you can think of.

If in need of a caffeine boost, here’s an atole de café that you can prepare for the mornings:

Beats going to Starbucks any day.

And if you’re a fan of galletas Marías, then this atole is for you.

These cookies never get old.

But if you prefer Oreo cookies, this recipe will be your cup of tea atole.


This can’t be real. ?

There’s also an atole recipe for everyone who loves the cinnamon taste of Mazapán candy.


And it’s a plus that Mazpan is super easy to dissolve.

In contrast to the sweet taste of mazapán, here’s an atole with a little bit of citrus.


Perfect fruit drink if you’re on a “diet.” Learn how to make this atole de naranja here. 

Another fruit-based atole you can whip up, is this one made with platanos:


Who needs a protein shake when you have atole de platanos????

And just when you thought grapes were only useful for making wine, here’s an atole de uvas:


Wonder what it’d taste like with some wine in it… ?

Speaking of alcohol… Piña coladas are cool and all, but have you tried piña-flavored atole?

It’ll make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Also on the sweet and fruity side, is this atole de guayaba.

My personal favorite. ?

And if you love agua de jamaica, then you’ll want to try this atole:


Check out this video to learn how to make the atole de jamaica at home. 

But if you don’t like jamaica, there’s also an atole recipe that includes tamarindo.

Yesssss. ??

For those who love pistachio ice cream, here’s a warm recipe that will taste just as sweet: 

Yum, yum, YUM. ?

Lastly, since you can’t go through Winter without something pumpkin flavored… Here’s an atole made with pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin atole >> PSL any day.

Enjoy! ?

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