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These 13 Remixed Atole Recipes Are So Good Your Abuelita Will Wish She Invented Them

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Now that the weather’s cooling down, you’re pulling out your San Marcos blankets and are looking forward to nights in with Netflix, there’s nothing better to stay warm with than some sweet atole.

Check out these tasty flavors and learn how to make atole in just about every flavor you can think of.

If in need of a caffeine boost, here’s an atole de café that you can prepare for the mornings:

Beats going to Starbucks any day.

And if you’re a fan of galletas Marías, then this atole is for you.

ATOLE DE GALLETA umm ?☕ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Se antoja un delicioso atole, en esta tarde fría y que mejor que con un delicioso atole de galleta para consentirnos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #felizsabado #tardefria #atoledegalletas #consentirnos #compartirenfamilia #disfrutardelavida #atolecaliente #recetacasera #disfrutarenfamilia #calentarelcuerpo #galleta #canela #leche #comeresvida #food #foodie #yummm #cocinaycomparte #cycomparte #cocinaalnatural ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INGRRDIENTES *1 vara de canela entera *180 gramos de galletas marías *100 gramos de piloncillo *1 taza de agua *1 litro de leche de vaca ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PREPARACIÓN •Moler las galletas con 3 tazas de leche o la cantidad que sea necesaria para obtener una mezcla homogénea. Reservar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •Hervir el agua en una olla grande con la canela y el piloncillo a fuego alto hasta que se haya disuelto el piloncillo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •Agregar el resto de la leche y poco antes que empiece a hervir incorporar las galletas molidas moviendo constantemente a fuego bajo hasta que hierva. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •Servir caliente. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ver está y más recetas visita nuestra página web cocinaycomparte y en Youtube cocinaalnatural ??☕

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These cookies never get old.

But if you prefer Oreo cookies, this recipe will be your cup of tea atole.


Posted by La Masquerida de México Oficial on Saturday, October 14, 2017

This can’t be real. ?

There’s also an atole recipe for everyone who loves the cinnamon taste of Mazapán candy.

Receta: Atole de mazapán

¿Quién se anima a preparar un atole de mazapán? A tus hijos o nietos les va a encantar. ? #CocinaFácil

Posted by Cocina Fácil on Sunday, October 15, 2017

And it’s a plus that Mazpan is super easy to dissolve.

In contrast to the sweet taste of mazapán, here’s an atole with a little bit of citrus.


Perfect fruit drink if you’re on a “diet.” Learn how to make this atole de naranja here. 

Another fruit-based atole you can whip up, is this one made with platanos:

Atole de Plátano

Atole de PlátanoCARMEN8AéxicoChingón #SOmosMexicanos

Posted by Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Who needs a protein shake when you have atole de platanos????

And just when you thought grapes were only useful for making wine, here’s an atole de uvas:


Wonder what it’d taste like with some wine in it… ?

Speaking of alcohol… Piña coladas are cool and all, but have you tried piña-flavored atole?

It’ll make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Also on the sweet and fruity side, is this atole de guayaba.

My personal favorite. ?

And if you love agua de jamaica, then you’ll want to try this atole:


Check out this video to learn how to make the atole de jamaica at home. 

But if you don’t like jamaica, there’s also an atole recipe that includes tamarindo.

Yesssss. ??

For those who love pistachio ice cream, here’s a warm recipe that will taste just as sweet: 

Yum, yum, YUM. ?

Lastly, since you can’t go through Winter without something pumpkin flavored… Here’s an atole made with pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin atole >> PSL any day.

Enjoy! ?

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Do you have any favorite atole recipes? Comment and hit the share button below!

Here's What You Sign Up For When You Agree To Be A Madrina Or Padrino


Here’s What You Sign Up For When You Agree To Be A Madrina Or Padrino

As you grow older and your friends and family begin to have children, there’s a chance you might be chosen to be the godparent, which would make you la comadre or el compadre. But are you prepared for the responsibilities? Here are a few things you can expect…

When your godchild is born, you’re expected to hook up the baby with their first name tag piece of jewelry.

And he or she better have it ready to wear the day they leave the hospital.

If it weren’t for the baptism, you probably wouldn’t become a comadre / compadre… So you better pitch in for the fiesta.

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#ElBolo #Baptism #traditions

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Con el bolo. It’s the only time you’ll see kids diving for coins instead of candy.

Religious ceremonies aside, la comadre is looked to to bring food for parties or to help cook.


So if your comadre is ever mad at you, it’s because you didn’t help with the food.

And el compa usually handles las cervezas.


You have to take at leeeeast a six pack. But the more cerveza you take, the happier your compadre will be.

When it comes to bigger parties, los compadres are expected to pitch in some $$ para la banda.


Because what would your godchild’s first birthday party without a banda?

From then on, you goddaughter/godson better receive the best gift from you.

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Misión cumplida: 3 años #muchosregalos#lefuebien

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Don’t disappoint with cheap gifts.

Comadres *have* to keep each other updated on the latest chisme.


There really isn’t a better type of bonding for comadres than a good chisme exchange.

And party together.drink


And it’s always a blast. #SALUDCOMPA

Las comadres y compadres have each others’ backs.


You have to be there to catch them and help lift them when they’re at their lowest.

And always support each


Because what’s a comadre or compadre without a helping hand?

More importantly, las comadres y los compadres have to love each other the most through thick and thin.


But above all, this is a promise to guide this little one through life.

And teach them between right and wrong.

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Familiar with these comadre and compadre expectations? Hit the share button below! 

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