13 Facts About The ‘Ugliest’ Perrito In Latin America

At first glance you probably think: yuk, is that a hyena? But don’t judge this hairless puppy by it’s skin. If after reading this you don’t feel the burning desire to adopt one of these adorable creatures… You might be a cat person after all.

1) They’re practically emperors.

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These pups, also known as Peruvian Inca Orchids, come from an ancient breed. They were the pets of choice of the Incas…which practically makes them royalty.  You can almost imagine them bragging: “My best human was Atahualpa, the last sovereign emperor of the Inca Empire. What about yours?”     

2) They’re nudists to the bone.


As members of the most adorable nudist colony ever, these animals thrive in warm climates. They’re not outdoor dogs, but they love Peruvian summers and the country’s mild winters. Just like humans, SPF is a must.

3) They’re natural-born rockstars.


This breed of dogs is mostly hairless, but some can grow fabulous mohawks. Their looks are completely natural. Watch out, Zoolander!

4) They have immense healing powers.


These dogs are believed to alleviate stomach pain and asthma. After living for so many years among the Incas and their spiritual rituals, it’s believed that some healing powers might have rubbed off on them. Intrigued yet? We are. READ: This Skateboarding Bulldog from Peru Just Broke a World Record

5) They take the award for best dressed.

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The Peruvian Hairless is arguably the best-dressed breed. Who else can rock a trendy beanie or a baby alpaca sweater like this?

6) They’re so warm.

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The body temperatures in these dogs tend to be higher than the average canine which makes them great cuddle buddies during the winter. Next time you’re feeling chilly, just make an Inca Orchid sandwich with your better half and say goodbye to those expensive electricity bills.

7) They have the cutest freckles!


They are nudists, remember? Which means their skin is out for everyone to see… And its beautiful! They can be black, brown, elephant gray, copper, freckled and pink. Some of them even have skin patterns like Dalmatians!

8) They’ll look adorable in your sunnies.

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The same genes that cause their lack of hair also causes sensitivity in their dark eyes. Out in the open they tend to squint a lot. So if you ever wanted a good excuse to put some Ray-Bans on your fave pal, you just found it.

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9) They stand against body-shammers.

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The ones that are bald just love it. You will never hear them asking you to buy Rogaine. For these baldies, the lack of hair is a way of life and they refuse to live by society’s beauty expectations. They are at the forefront in the battle against body shamming. Fierce!

10) They’ll save you a few $$$.

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Their wonderful genes also cause them to have less teeth than the average dog: they mostly lack molars and premolars which makes for super easy teeth cleaning. If you ever spent hundreds of dollars in dental cleaning, you will very much appreciate this one.

11) They’re as clean as a whistle.

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The Peruvian Inca Orchid breed is known for being very clean. No doggie odors here! Their hairless and smooth skin will always be a nice thing to have around.

12) No fleas!

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No hair = no fleas. Need we say more?

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13) One was almost an Obama.


When President Barack Obama was looking for a hypoallergenic dog for his family and especially his daughter Malia — who suffers from allergies — the Peruvian Government offered them to adopt a 4-month-old hairless dog named Machu Picchu after the Incan citadel in Peru. Unfortunately, the sweet puppy never made it to the White House because, as we all well know, Bo got the gig.

To learn more about these cuties, check out this video:

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