13 Years Later This Telenovela’s Character’s Quotes Still Apply

It’s been 13 years since “Rebelde” last aired on television, but that doesn’t mean we’re still not quoting them. Our personal favorite? Mia Colucci.

Here are all the times MĂ­a, the most popular girl at Elite Way School, said the realest things ever.

1. “QuĂ© difĂ­cil es ser yo!”

credit: @LifeGags/Tumblr/Rebelde / Televisa

We’ll start with the obvious because we all know no one knew the struggle more than Ms. Colucci.

2. “Comprate una vida loser!”

The perfect line to say when you want to get rid of that creeper at the bar. Def saving this one.

3. “Te lo juro por mis cremas importadas de ParĂ­s.”

credit: Weheartit.com / Rebelde / Televisa

When you swear you’re telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

4. “Te lo juro por mis pantalones de Armani.”

credit: Weheartit.com / Rebelde / Televisa

Because if they didn’t believe you the first time, drop a name or two. They’ll have you to believe you now!

5. “EstĂĄ comprobado que el alcohol reseca la piel.”

credit: Giphy.com / Rebelde / Televisa

In other words, no more wine night for you!

6. “Me voy, aquĂ­ huele a nopal.”

Bye Felicia!

7. “Si vas a abrir la boca para decir tonterĂ­as, mejor cĂłsetela.”

credit: fofurasdegarotas.blogspot.com / “Rebelde” / Televisa

When you are annoyed AF. Sorry not sorry!

8. “Cuando uno se tiñe una vez…gĂŒera oxigenada es.”

credit: porsiemprerbdsiempre.blogspot.com / “Rebelde” / Televisa 

Stained for life. What a savage!

9. “Cierra un ojo, cierra el otro y NADA QUE VER!!”

credit: porsiemprerbdsiempre.blogspot.com / “Rebelde” / Televisa

Isn’t she sooooo clever?

10. “No te pego con mi zapato, nada mĂĄs porque es Prada.”

credit: fofurasdegarotas.blogspot.com / “Rebelde” / Televisa

No pos wow!

11. “Me va a dar un panic attack.”

credit: tirinhasdorebeldemexicano.blogspot.com

How you react every time your tĂ­a brings up the “why are you single” topic.

12. “Te voy a derrotar con mis poderes de Sailor Moon.”

Don’t try me!

13. And just because MĂ­a is wise AF…

credit: @NoMames / Tumblr / “Rebelde” / Televisa

We all have that one friend…

Bonus: Because she knows her worth.

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa

Waaaaaaay mĂĄs nice.

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