13 Comments From Latino Parents That Legit Made Us Move Out

When it comes to growing up in a Latino household, we’re used to the chaos, the yelling, the fighting and the insane amount of love. While I’d never trade in my family for anyone, we can all agree there are times when we just want to roll our eyes at the things they tell us.

Here are 13 passive aggressive comments from our parents that every Latino understands.

1. “Oh you want to have a sleepover at your friend’s house? What’s wrong with our house?”

Credit: VH1

Everything is a constant comparison.

2. “Don’t you love your abuela enough to visit her every week?”

Credit: Fox

UGH, what does that even mean? Just because I don’t want to spend every single Sunday at abuela’s house doesn’t mean I don’t love her.

3. “You want to order pizza? What’s wrong with my food?”

Credit: Disney Channel

Every. Single. Time.

4. “I see you decided to go to the doctor. Why didn’t you just use Vicks VaporRub?”

Credit: Vicks VaporRub

How do we tell our parents there are truly some things Vicks VaporRub can’t fix?

5. “Oh, were you watching something?”

Credit: Fox / CW

Why yes, I was watching something on the television, but I guess it’s important you watch La Reina del Sur for the hundredth time.

6. “Were you really going to leave the house in that?”

Credit: NBC

Why yes, papí, I was, thank you for asking.

7. “Sorry we aren’t fancy like all of your friends.”

Credit: Netflix

They always say this even when we give them no reason to. It’s like comparing our life to our friend’s life is what they want us to do.

8. “You look tired, mija.”

Credit: Netflix

Thanks mom, thanks dad. Thanks a lot. 

9. “That’s all you’re eating?”

Credit: Netflix

Our parents will never think we’re eating enough. Ever.

10. “Don’t you like your nickname?”

Credit: Fox

Sorry I don’t like being called “gordita” or “flaca” constantly. Whoops.

11. “Most kids never get to have a quinceañera.”

Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Our parents think because they threw us a quinceañera, it means we can never complain again. C’mon now. It was SO LONG AGO. Surely we’ve refilled our right to whine!

12. “I guess you want to catch pneumonia, walking around with that wet head of yours.”

Credit: CW

Ma and Papí are convinced that you can catch pneumonia at any given moment. It’s insane.

13. “If you had good taste, you would listen to real music like Juan Luis Guerra or Vicente Fernandez and not these One Direction fools.”

Credit: YouTube

Ayyy! Our parents will definitely never understand our boy band obsession.

What are some things your parents say that make you roll your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

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