13 Things Your Non-Latino Friends Say that Make You Think WTF?

There are those times when our non-Latino friends can make comments that, under the wrong light, can be straight up offensive….or at the very least make them look extremely dumb. Do your non-Latino friends a favor, compárteles esta guía and save them from embarrassing themselves, or pissing the wrong vato off.

Are you Spanish?

You don’t look Latina.

You’re so light-skinned. You almost look white.

You don’t have an accent.

Do you speak Mexican?

HOW do you know how to dance salsa?

I LOVE Chipotle and Taco Bell.

Pssstttt..mami, mami, mamiiiiiiiiii

When did you arrive to America?

You totally don’t act like them.

Say something to me in Spanish.

It’s cool, my wife is Colombian.

You speak English so well!

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