13 Things Your Non-Latino Friends Say that Make You Think WTF?

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There are those times when our non-Latino friends can make comments that, under the wrong light, can be straight up offensive….or at the very least make them look extremely dumb. Do your non-Latino friends a favor, compárteles esta guía and save them from embarrassing themselves, or pissing the wrong vato off.

Are you Spanish?


Geography check: you are aware there is only ONE country called Spain, right?

You don’t look Latina.


We’re not all just a clone of whatever stereotype you have in mind.

You’re so light-skinned. You almost look white.


Breaking news, we come in all shades.

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You don’t have an accent.


Really? Mi abuela would be so disappointed.

Do you speak Mexican?


I’m begging you, please go back to school and demand your money back.

HOW do you know how to dance salsa?


How can’t you not? It’s quite simple actually.

I LOVE Chipotle and Taco Bell.


So do I. What’s your point?

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Pssstttt..mami, mami, mamiiiiiiiiii


I have not seen her, but will let her know her son is out on the street cat-calling every Latina that walks by.

When did you arrive to America?


I think it was around Christmas of ’86, when my dad knocked my mom up at a party in Jersey.

You totally don’t act like them.


Who’s them, exactly?

Say something to me in Spanish.



It’s cool, my wife is Colombian.



You speak English so well!


Yeah, I’m an advanced bilingual creature like that. *Eye roll.

What’s the worst thing your friends have told you? Click that share button below to give them a wakeup call and put an end to their insensitive comments. 

Chicano 2.0: Hoodprofet


Chicano 2.0: Hoodprofet

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Mark David is a Chicano Afro-indigenous man, living in South LA, inspiring his peers through social media. @hoodprofet shares thoughts on his mixed race and Chicano origins through spoken word poetry, song and conversation.

“We demonize the folks that live in the hood. We forget that these are the same people that smile and take care of the kids and brush their teeth in the morning,” @hoodprofet says.

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