13 Latino Dishes That Are Good For The Soul

If you grew up in a Latino family, a few things are probably true: family parties are never over in just a “few hours,” and we take our food very seriously. Here are 13 Latino dishes that are so comforting, it feels like you just wrapped yourself up in abuelito’s old sweater that is way too big for you.

1. Bacalao Soup

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Whenever it was a rainy day or one of us was feeling sick, my dad used to whip up a delicious batch of bacalao soup. The codfish mixed with the fresh vegetables and the hint of spiced broth was perfect. Bacalao soup is the *ish. If you don’t know, now you know.

2. Platanos

Bye bye, just going to stare at this perfect picture forever. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and inhaling devouring some platanos. No matter how many times I tell myself I only want a few, I always end up eating roughly a three dozen.

3. Sopa de Fideo

Could go for some one mom's right about now #sopadefideo

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What’s cozier than a big, steaming bowl of sopa de fideo?! Um, nothing at all. The noodles and tomato mix are totally nostalgic, and perfect for any rainy day.

4. Pupusas


These goodie-filled perfections are the quintessential comfort food. If you don’t feel warm and safe after eating one of these, you miiiiight not have a soul.

5. Sancocho

☔️️ + sancocho + arroz = ? Y tú con que lo acompañarías ??? #foodbrothersrd #martes #sancocho

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A meat and veggie stew might sound basic, but this is beyond. As the days grow colder and shorter, I think it’s time to perfect this recipe.

6. Albóndigas Soup

Cold raining day calls for a hot bowl of #albondigasoup #mexicancomfortfood

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There’s just something about a meatball in a bowl of soup that turns me into a living heart-eyes emoji. BRB, just going to drool while looking at this picture all day.

7. Flautas

Much like platanos, flautas are insanely addicting. How can anyone just eat one of these?? Five or six is more satisfactory, to be quite honest.

8. Pastelillos

Be still my beating heart. These beef-filled doughy delights are heaven sent. Growing up, my abuela and dad used to bring the house down making batches of these. With a cold bottle of coke and a plate of these, nothing can go wrong.

9. Sorullitos de Maíz

#sorullitosdemaiz #fingerfood

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Nothing beats a little Sunday pre-dinner snack than a plate of these yummy finger foods. Why are all of the best Latino comfort foods so addicting?!

10. Arepas

Let’s be real; arepas stuffed with avocado, cheese, pork, etc. can make anyone drool. YUM AF.

11. Enchiladas

Enchiladas will go down in history as one of the most comforting foods in existence. Sure, maybe I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with them but who can really say?! Support emotional eating, y’all!

12. Cuban-Style Picadillo

#cubanpicadillo for dinner. Yummmmmm!

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Oh, baby can this dish feed an entire starving family and then have some leftovers ready to go the next day. Anytime I want something hearty and satisfying, I look to Cuban Picadillo.

13. Puerto Rican Rice & Beans

My favorite ? #FoodComa #FoodPorn #PuertoRicanRiceAndBeans

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Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, there were two kinds of rice and beans: yellow rice and beans, and white rice with red (or pink) beans. I have to say, I was a die-hard fan of the latter. Even just typing this out makes me want to go make a batch ASAP. There’s nothing simpler, and nothing more perfect, than a good plate of rice and beans.

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What are your favorite comfort foods? Let us know in the comments below!

The New York Times Honestly Just Discovered Tajín And Their Love For It Is Kind Of The Sweetest


The New York Times Honestly Just Discovered Tajín And Their Love For It Is Kind Of The Sweetest

tajinusa / Instagram

Tajín is a special chile y limon spice mix that is as much a part of Mexican culture as elotes and paletas. You can use it on so many different foods and the most obvious choice is on fresh fruit. That brand of salty sweet crystals that you put on top of pieces of fruit is fast becoming the recognizable spice of choice for chefs and foodies around the U.S. It is just one way that Latino culture is permeating American culture.

The New York Times is finally giving Tajín, the most iconic Mexican kitchen staple, a moment to shine in the national spotlight.

Any Mexican and Mexican-American will swear by this seasoning. It is everywhere and on everything. The taste of the spicy-lime flavor amplifies the naturally sweet flavor of ripe fruit and gives a deep profile to frozen paletas on hot summer days. The aroma wafting out of a freshly opened bottle will change the world as you know it.

The New York Times recently published an article praising the bright red chile salt and, honestly, it’s about time.

Tajín has been around for over three decades, since 1985. However, the iconic concoction didn’t break into the U.S. market until 1993. It is literally as well-known and adored by Mexican families as Chamoy, a sauce created using fermented chiles and fruits also used on all kinds of foods.

Legit, people never leave their house without this seasoning because you never know when you’re going to need it.

Legions of ride-or-die Tajín fans have been sprinkling the seasoning since they were kids. It’s almost a rite of passage—start off with fruit and then as you get older, rims of margarita or cocktails get a dash of Tajín. It’s the cycle of life so many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans have enjoyed.

The article, written by Daniela Galarza, gave people a look at the history of the incredible seasoning.

If sprinkling tajín is a lifestyle, then everyone from your corner bionicos shop that has just the right amount of red dusting on your spears of pepino and chunks of sandia, to Bon Appetit magazine’s recipe listings, are stanning tajín—just the way food royalty should be treated, tbh.

It’s one of the most spectacular fandoms known to the food world.

The article explains that even though the company was founded in Guadalajara in 1985, the U.S. has become a massive market. According to The New York Times, 40 percent of the market for Tajín is in the U.S. where Mexican-Americans make up 11.3 percent of the total U.S. population. Mexican-Americans also make up 63.2 percent of the Latino population in the U.S.

In case you weren’t sure, the love for Tajín is so strong and transcends man-made borders.

“I can’t even imagine a time before Tajín, or before salts flavored with lime and chile,” Mariana Gomez Rubio, a culinary consultant in Mexico City told The New York Times.

This social media user said the red seasoning was there for her when she had a health condition.

The popularity of this chile-flavored salt (its main ingredients include dried chiles de árbol, guajillo and pasilla, dehydrated lime and salt) that has its roots in Zapopan, Jalisco.

And it looks so good when it is used appropriately, which it is hard to use it inappropriately.

It is a great way to make sure that you are eating all of your fruits and veggies. After all, we could all be eating more of the heathy stuff and is this makes it easier, then why now.

Imagine coming across these spice and citrusy cucumbers in your house after a long day at work.

Grab a tissue so you don’t drool on your phone. We know you can’t get enough of Tajín and that is normal. We all have a love affair with this one-of-a-kind treat.

Recipes for everything from desserts (this innovative chef paired the chile-lime salt with chocolate and bananas to make fluffy banana bread) to NYT reader-suggested pineapple chunks have been making the Internet and social media rounds from true fans.

The sight of red chile sprinkled #TajinMoments is only going to increase. The brand has announced collabs with Pinkberry, On the Border spiced tortilla chips, and Snak Club for peach ring candy, peanuts and trail mix.

The company is betting on its continued success and is expanding into a larger facility in Jalisco later this year. It has also started looking into making a push into Pakistan, India, and Japan—countries that also like to use spices in their cooking.

Nice, nice—getting worldwide, Tajín!

Along with its buddies chamoy and Tapatio sauce, we see Tajín enjoying its golden days for years (and perhaps decades) to come around the world.

Are you a fan? Tell us your favorite tajín recipe in the comments and share this article with your friends!

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22 Moments From ‘The Sandlot’ That Prove Benny The Jet Rodriguez Was A Latino Legend That’ll Never Die


22 Moments From ‘The Sandlot’ That Prove Benny The Jet Rodriguez Was A Latino Legend That’ll Never Die

The Sandlot' Series In Development At Disney

There’s no denying that this brown-eyed heartthrob had a huge influence in the spark of your sexual awakening. Not only was Benny the cutest guy on the team, he also shined through as the team’s star player and went on to the Dodgers. All this despite the times and the white suburban neighborhood he lived in. 100% Benny is an inspiration and credit to Latinos who knock their dreams out of the park.

1. He wasn’t intimidated by other people’s success.

Benny easily makes friends with Smalls who he can tell right away is a bit nerdy and on the socially-undeveloped side. Still, he turns Smalls into one of his best friends and a pretty alright baseball player.

2. He’d do anything to defend your honor.

20th Century Fox

Benny was not about the bullshit. During the scene where The Tigers come to the sandlot, all of the sandlot players head off to confront them and throw their gloves to the ground. Not Benny though. My man, tosses his glove and picks up a baseball bat ready to knock out any 12-year-old boy who wants to take a whack at him.

3. He had mad style and knew how to take care of his shit.

20th Century Fox

Benny was all about the PF Flyers and valued their worth so much that he only used them to play for big games. Now that’s boi that knows how to take care of his shit.

4. And basically, every one of his looks was dreamy AF

20th Century Fox

Benny knew how to pull the doe eyes at every turn.

5. Even when he was slightly disgusted.

20th Century Fox

Whether he was proud of his own game or disgusted in the behavior of his teammates, he always looked fine.

6. Or,  feeling completely lost.

20th Century Fox

Literally look at that face.

7. He was a go-getter.

20th Century Fox

On a constant mission to improve his curves, throws, and slides, Benny took the game seriously and thus inspired his friends to do so.

8. He was basically the heart and brains of the team.

20th Century Fox

These boys woke up at 8 AM every day in the SUMMER to hustle around a hot sandlot and play with Benny. His amazing team leadership had everyone pumped and ready to work.

(Also, damn son bite that lip.)

9. He was generous as hell.

20th Century Fox

Benny takes sad sack Smalls under his wing and teaches him that to play baseball which ultimately gives the new kid on the block a reason to thrive and become a sports journalist.

10. He was also the Latino dream we need in movies today.

20th Century Fox

For it’s time, Benny’s role was pretty innovative. He wasn’t the Latino stereotype that persists in movies and tv show to this day.

11. He knew how to take stuff seriously.

20th Century Fox

You’d never go wrong with Benny as a BF. He literally took his life on the baseball field so seriously that he became a player for the Dodgers AND eventually a manager of the team.

12. And be a team player

20th Century Fox

So you know that in any of his relationships he’ll be right next to his partner putting in 100% doing cleanups, cooking, and baby rearing.

13. He knew how to rally.

20th Century Fox

Again, this boy convinced 8 roudy boys of different ages and backgrounds to group together and play baseball in the scorching hot weather in the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY.

14. And have fun under the worst circumstances.

20th Century Fox

In the movie, the kids face the grueling heat of summers, the disappointment of losing their last ball, being ridiculed and getting sick on Tobacco. Despite this, each and every time, Benny rallied and found a way to have fun.

15. He knows how to treat you right.

20th Century Fox

Benny proves that he understands the importance of team building early on when he pays for everyone to go to the carnival.

16. He had a bit of potty mouth.

20th Century Fox

Yeah, your boy knows how to curse.

17. He was a fan of the Dodgers.

20th Century Fox

He was a fan of yes THE BEST baseball team ever. And he went on to have an impressive career with them too.

18. He knows how to hit a ball.

He busts the guts off of their last baseball.

20. He knows that absolute power is a bad idea.

20th Century Fox

Benny refused to lead his team with an iron fist and instead often allowed his team to put decisions to a vote.

21. He’s basically a god of the spoken word.

20th Century Fox

Benny was a king of teaching others to improve. When Smalls didn’t know how to throw a baseball, Benny gave him a paper route analogy to show him how to throw properly. After that,  Smalls was able to pitch a mad ball.

22. Looked damn fine as an adult.

20th Century Fox

Seriously, get yourself a major leaguer like this guy.

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