13 Latino Dishes That Are Good For The Soul

If you grew up in a Latino family, a few things are probably true: family parties are never over in just a “few hours,” and we take our food very seriously. Here are 13 Latino dishes that are so comforting, it feels like you just wrapped yourself up in abuelito’s old sweater that is way too big for you.

1. Bacalao Soup


Whenever it was a rainy day or one of us was feeling sick, my dad used to whip up a delicious batch of bacalao soup. The codfish mixed with the fresh vegetables and the hint of spiced broth was perfect. Bacalao soup is the *ish. If you don’t know, now you know.

2. Platanos

Bye bye, just going to stare at this perfect picture forever. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and inhaling devouring some platanos. No matter how many times I tell myself I only want a few, I always end up eating roughly a three dozen.

3. Sopa de Fideo

Could go for some one mom's right about now #sopadefideo

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What’s cozier than a big, steaming bowl of sopa de fideo?! Um, nothing at all. The noodles and tomato mix are totally nostalgic, and perfect for any rainy day.

4. Pupusas


These goodie-filled perfections are the quintessential comfort food. If you don’t feel warm and safe after eating one of these, you miiiiight not have a soul.

5. Sancocho

☔️️ + sancocho + arroz = ? Y tú con que lo acompañarías ??? #foodbrothersrd #martes #sancocho

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A meat and veggie stew might sound basic, but this is beyond. As the days grow colder and shorter, I think it’s time to perfect this recipe.

6. Albóndigas Soup

Cold raining day calls for a hot bowl of #albondigasoup #mexicancomfortfood

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There’s just something about a meatball in a bowl of soup that turns me into a living heart-eyes emoji. BRB, just going to drool while looking at this picture all day.

7. Flautas

Much like platanos, flautas are insanely addicting. How can anyone just eat one of these?? Five or six is more satisfactory, to be quite honest.

8. Pastelillos

Be still my beating heart. These beef-filled doughy delights are heaven sent. Growing up, my abuela and dad used to bring the house down making batches of these. With a cold bottle of coke and a plate of these, nothing can go wrong.

9. Sorullitos de Maíz

#sorullitosdemaiz #fingerfood

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Nothing beats a little Sunday pre-dinner snack than a plate of these yummy finger foods. Why are all of the best Latino comfort foods so addicting?!

10. Arepas

Let’s be real; arepas stuffed with avocado, cheese, pork, etc. can make anyone drool. YUM AF.

11. Enchiladas

Enchiladas will go down in history as one of the most comforting foods in existence. Sure, maybe I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with them but who can really say?! Support emotional eating, y’all!

12. Cuban-Style Picadillo

#cubanpicadillo for dinner. Yummmmmm!

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Oh, baby can this dish feed an entire starving family and then have some leftovers ready to go the next day. Anytime I want something hearty and satisfying, I look to Cuban Picadillo.

13. Puerto Rican Rice & Beans

My favorite ? #FoodComa #FoodPorn #PuertoRicanRiceAndBeans

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Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, there were two kinds of rice and beans: yellow rice and beans, and white rice with red (or pink) beans. I have to say, I was a die-hard fan of the latter. Even just typing this out makes me want to go make a batch ASAP. There’s nothing simpler, and nothing more perfect, than a good plate of rice and beans.

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What are your favorite comfort foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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American Girl Is Re-Releasing Josefina Montoya and Their Other Historical Dolls For Their 35th Anniversary


American Girl Is Re-Releasing Josefina Montoya and Their Other Historical Dolls For Their 35th Anniversary

Courtesy American Girl

If you’re a ’90s girl, chances are you begged your parents for an American Girl doll at some point (especially Josefina!). After all, American Girl dolls were the epitome of sophistication–trendy, cute, and above all, expensive. Well, if you’re nostalgic for the American Girls dolls of yore, you’re in luck.

On Tuesday, American Girl announced that they’re bringing the six original historical dolls out of retirement for the company’s 35th anniversary.

If you need a refresher on the six original dolls were Kirsten, Samantha, Molly, Felicity, Addy, and, of course, Josefina. American Girl created these characters to educate their young audience on little-known American history in an accessible way.

Josefina Montoya was the sole Latina doll out of the entire historical doll collection.

American Girl described her character as a “Hispanic girl whose heart and hopes are as big as the New Mexico sky.” Like every other doll, her character was also featured in a series of books that described the early days of the American Southwest (1824-1826, to be exact).

The book series’ author, Valerie Tripp, also did extensive research on 19th century life in Santa Fe de Nuevo México. Tripp visited la Hacienda de los Martínez in Taos and interviewed elderly New Mexican women who grew up in rural New Mexico.

American Girl went to great pains to ensure that Josefina Montoya’s features, accessories, and accompanying stories were historically accurate.

Per American Girl, Josefina was “developed with the guidance of an advisory board made up of historians, educators, curators, and other professionals deeply knowledgeable about the history and cultures of the American Southwest.”

The doll company also claims that the advisory board decided “what Josefina’s features, skin tone, and hair would look like.”

The 35th Anniversary edition of Josefina Montoya looks like it might give the original version a run for its money.

The 35th edition Josefina doll will include a bevy of accessories. She’ll come with a rebozo, a “white camisa with short puffed sleeves edged with lace” and a faux jola coin in an envelope.

Based on the Twitter reaction, ’90s babies can’t wait to get their hands on these dolls again. Many Latinas loved the Josefina doll. Josefina was the first time many had ever owned or played with a doll that was made specifically in their image.

But this time, we won’t have to rely on our parents to shell out their hard-earned cash for them.

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Curl Up With Your Cuarentena Bae And Watch This Super Nostalgic Latino Films


Curl Up With Your Cuarentena Bae And Watch This Super Nostalgic Latino Films

Movies can play such an important part in our lives as we grow up – they affect us more than we think, and we remember them long into adulthood and beyond. Here are 11 amazing Latino coming-of-age films that may speak to your childhood…

1. “Mosquita Y Mari” (2012)

This 2012 Official Sundance Selection and the Official Selection of the San Francisco International Film Festival tells us about two “young Chicanas [who] contemplate life when they stir unexpected desires in each other.” Aurora Guerrero, the writer and director, crafted something truly incredible and special, touching on what it’s like to be a queer woman of color.

2. “Por La Libre” (2000)

Ahhh, a film about growing pains. It follows Rodrigo and Rocco as they take a journey from Mexico City to Acapulco to accomplish their grandfather’s last wish. It hits home for anyone dealing with family issues, sexuality, and fighting with someone you’re really close to; like your cousins, brothers or sisters.

3. “The Best Things In The World” (2010)

Oh goodness, the feels in this movie! It tells the story of one family’s experience as the parents divorce, and the father comes out as gay. It’s a beautiful, funny, sad Brazilian film that hits on real issues that Latino families face. Get ready to laugh and cry.

4. “Confissões de Adolescente” (2014)

Give me a movie about growing up with sisters and I’ll give you my soul, tears, emotions… everything. How many of us grew up in a Latina household fighting, nagging, crying, and loving each other?! This 2014 film is based off the diaries of Maria Mariana, who also stars in the film!

5. “The Way He Looks” (2014)

Based on the 2010 short film, “I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone, is about a blind teenager, his best friend Giovana, and their changing relationship when Gabriel is introduced. It’s sweet, poignant, and touches on the relationship between two teenagers that constantly blurs the line between friendship and something more.

6. “The Year My Parents Went On Vacation” (2006)

This film is the perfect mix of drama and comedy exploring themes of politics and familial discord, all centered around a young boy’s obsession with the World Cup. It’s part coming of age, part political commentary, part nostalgic tale and will leave your heart aching. For anyone who has had to live the repercussions of their parents’ lives, this is for you.

7. “Lake Tahoe” (2008)

This film isn’t just visually unique and interesting. The story is fascinating and focuses on Juan, who crashes his family car into a pole and attempts to fix it. Of course, you can bet that he meets some interesting characters his way to fix his car that ultimately changes his life.

8. “Alamar” (2009)

This documentary-style film is about a young boy visiting his father on the Banco Chinchorro. It’s got a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, so you know it’s pretty damn amazing. It’s about falling in love with nature, which is so gorgeously shot, and the relationship between the father and son will bring you to tears.

9. “I Like It Like That” (1994)

This Bronx-based comedy is about the trials and tribulations a young, poor Puerto Rican couple faces. If you’re Puerto Rican, you’ll find yourself raising hands in praise to the relatable moments in the film, and also just in appreciation of the struggle.

10. “Raising Victor Vargas” (2002)

A tale of a Dominican ladies’ man! This comedy-drama depicts life in the early 2000s in New York City’s Lower East Side. This film has an authentic take on what it’s like to grow up Latino with a big family, one that includes an abuelita who wants to put him in jail for no reason and a new girlfriend. This is another one that’ll make you laugh and probably cry.

11. “Hangin’ With The Homeboys” (1991)

You’ll recognize the faces in this movie (baby John Leguizamo!!! I die.) It’s the quintessential coming-of-age film about two black men and two Puerto Rican men over the course of one night in – you guessed it – the Bronx. It’s a ’90s classic! Friendship, girls, laughter – what more could you really want? It’s a perfect example of life in the city.

12. “Real Women Have Curves” (2002)

The movie is one of the most honest and unflinching looks at the relationship between mother and daughter. It came before “Lady Bird” and shows the struggle between the generations that we are all familiar with. A definite must-watch (or rewatch) while we are all sitting at home together.

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