13 Latino Dishes That Are Good For The Soul

If you grew up in a Latino family, a few things are probably true: family parties are never over in just a “few hours,” and we take our food very seriously. Here are 13 Latino dishes that are so comforting, it feels like you just wrapped yourself up in abuelito’s old sweater that is way too big for you.

1. Bacalao Soup

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Whenever it was a rainy day or one of us was feeling sick, my dad used to whip up a delicious batch of bacalao soup. The codfish mixed with the fresh vegetables and the hint of spiced broth was perfect. Bacalao soup is the *ish. If you don’t know, now you know.

2. Platanos

Bye bye, just going to stare at this perfect picture forever. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and inhaling devouring some platanos. No matter how many times I tell myself I only want a few, I always end up eating roughly a three dozen.

3. Sopa de Fideo

Could go for some one mom's right about now #sopadefideo

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What’s cozier than a big, steaming bowl of sopa de fideo?! Um, nothing at all. The noodles and tomato mix are totally nostalgic, and perfect for any rainy day.

4. Pupusas


These goodie-filled perfections are the quintessential comfort food. If you don’t feel warm and safe after eating one of these, you miiiiight not have a soul.

5. Sancocho

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A meat and veggie stew might sound basic, but this is beyond. As the days grow colder and shorter, I think it’s time to perfect this recipe.

6. Albóndigas Soup

Cold raining day calls for a hot bowl of #albondigasoup #mexicancomfortfood

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There’s just something about a meatball in a bowl of soup that turns me into a living heart-eyes emoji. BRB, just going to drool while looking at this picture all day.

7. Flautas

Much like platanos, flautas are insanely addicting. How can anyone just eat one of these?? Five or six is more satisfactory, to be quite honest.

8. Pastelillos

Be still my beating heart. These beef-filled doughy delights are heaven sent. Growing up, my abuela and dad used to bring the house down making batches of these. With a cold bottle of coke and a plate of these, nothing can go wrong.

9. Sorullitos de Maíz

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Nothing beats a little Sunday pre-dinner snack than a plate of these yummy finger foods. Why are all of the best Latino comfort foods so addicting?!

10. Arepas

Let’s be real; arepas stuffed with avocado, cheese, pork, etc. can make anyone drool. YUM AF.

11. Enchiladas

Enchiladas will go down in history as one of the most comforting foods in existence. Sure, maybe I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with them but who can really say?! Support emotional eating, y’all!

12. Cuban-Style Picadillo

#cubanpicadillo for dinner. Yummmmmm!

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Oh, baby can this dish feed an entire starving family and then have some leftovers ready to go the next day. Anytime I want something hearty and satisfying, I look to Cuban Picadillo.

13. Puerto Rican Rice & Beans

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Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, there were two kinds of rice and beans: yellow rice and beans, and white rice with red (or pink) beans. I have to say, I was a die-hard fan of the latter. Even just typing this out makes me want to go make a batch ASAP. There’s nothing simpler, and nothing more perfect, than a good plate of rice and beans.

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What are your favorite comfort foods? Let us know in the comments below!

The Director Of ‘Mi Vida Loca’ Ended Up Adopting Her Daughter From One Of The Movie’s Real Gang Members After She Died


The Director Of ‘Mi Vida Loca’ Ended Up Adopting Her Daughter From One Of The Movie’s Real Gang Members After She Died

“Mi Vida Loca” is a cult classic. Latinos love this movie and it’s a part of our pop culture legacy, but when “Mi Vida Loca” first premiered in 1993 it wasn’t seen in the light that we see it today. A lot of critics panned it. One critic said that while filmmaker Allison Anders mixed “real gang members with up-and-coming Latin American actresses,” the ploy failed “to lend the film authenticity or vitality. The tone seems, to put it kindly, misguidedly romantic.” Another said, “While the characters are colorful and vibrant, the film is strangely flat.” However, this independent film represented much more than it was. For Latinos, it wasn’t just a low budget movie, it was ourselves on the big screen. 

It was Latinos representing Latinos. It was our story and no critic could ever take that away. 

Director Allison Anders was inspired to create “Mi Vida Loca” after meeting her daughter’s Latina friends.

The basis for Sad Girl and Mousey is based on real people that Anders saw in her neighborhood. Her daughter informed her mom all about the novela that was taking place right outside her door. In a 1994 interview with Bomb magazine, Anders said, “I had seen these two 14-year-old girls with babies on their hips, yelling at each other. So finally I said, ‘Devan [her daughter], what’s up with these girls?’ And Devan, who was nine years old at the time said, ‘Well, Christine and Marty were best friends since elementary school. Then Christine had a baby by Ernesto. But then Marty had a baby by Ernesto. And now they don’t get along.” And that is how the story of how Sad Girl and Mousey was born.

Anders said they filmed in Echo Park, which is where she lived too, right as the gentrification of the area was taking place. 

That meant she had to make sure everyone on the set was safe because real gang members lived there as well. Anders said the real gang members she met as inspiration for “Mi Vida Loca” were actually part of a gang that didn’t reside in Echo Park, but a neighborhood nearby. That tension of real actors and real gang members shooting a film in gang territory caused for some interesting days on the set. 

“I was very concerned however with keeping the real gang members in the cast and crew safe,” Anders said in an interview with Screen Slate. “So my producers and I involved the Echo Park members every step of the way to know which neighborhoods were safe for us to shoot in. We literally took them in the car location scouting to check out the safety. Sometimes the borders were block to block: “We can shoot down here—but not across the street.”

While some had issues that a white woman was directing a movie about Latina gang members, Anders said she got the dialogue approved by Latinas on the set.

Anders said that real gang members “approved every single draft of the script, and after a while could pitch it and give notes better than anyone I’ve met since, seriously.” She added that each person that was consulted on the film was paid and credited. “We even kept the money in the neighborhood literally – the art department rented set dressing from their homes – which also gave a sense of pride that a movie company was renting some banner they made for their bedroom to put on film. We rented the homes of the parents and grandparents of the Echo Park locas and locos. Make-up purchased the real stuff the actual girls wore from Woolworth’s on Sunset Blvd.”

Here’s one remarkable story about how Anders adopted the child of one of a Latina gang member that died before the release of the film. 

Anders said that Nica Rogers, a member of the Echo Park gang, died of an overdose at the age of 19. She was in a few scenes in the movie as well. Rogers had a son named Rueben who was left orphaned after the death of his mother, so Anders adopted him. He is now 28-years-old, married with his family and living in Texas. He is also working in the Hollywood industry. Anders also started a Nica Rogers scholarship that would benefit the youth in Echo Park. It’s so amazing to see this movie live on in not just on the screen but in people’s lives too. 

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From Raccoon-Eyes to Lopsided Lines, We’ve Compiled a List of All the Eyeliner Fails of Our Youth


From Raccoon-Eyes to Lopsided Lines, We’ve Compiled a List of All the Eyeliner Fails of Our Youth

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Not everyone is a natural eyeliner savant. For the vast majority of us, it takes hours (10,000 to be exact) of intense practice and hard work to perfect the ultimate winged tip. Creating the perfect eyeliner look requires a lot of moving parts: hand placement and steadiness, an eye for symmetry, complete stillness, and high-quality makeup products.

The road to the perfect cat-eye is paved with traumatic experiences–most of which happen in your teens. When you’re young and just getting into the makeup game, your mornings are spent battling with pens, brushes, crayons, pencils, and markers. To become an eyeliner master, the price of admission is a lot of failures. FIERCE by Mitu has compiled a list of all of the struggles you have to go through when you first learn to put on eyeliner. Take a peek below!

1. Mind the Gap


When you first start out applying eyeliner, sometimes you’re so concerned about getting the line the right length and width that you forget all about the actual placement of the eyeliner. That leaves you with a glaring gap between the eyeliner and the actual eye line. So frustrating. 

2. The Accidental Under-Eye Shadow 


When you first start putting on eyeliner, you don’t even think about the fact that blinking too hard will cause an unwanted ring of black under your eye. Luckily, this is a pitfall that is easily avoided. Most of us learn quickly not to do any sort of blinking when applying eyeliner.

3. When Less Doesn’t Always Mean More


There are two types of eyeliner beginners: the ones that go full-goth and walk around with two black eyes, and the ones that go the opposite direction. The latter type uses such a light hand that it’s hard to see any makeup on their eyes at all. We chalk this up to doubting their makeup skills. Luckily, this 

4. When You Accidentally Stab Yourself in the Eye


There’s two downsides to the accidental-stabbing situation (which we’ve all been through). Number one: you’re in physical pain. Number two: your eye is watering so much that now you’ve not only ruined your eye makeup, but you’ve ruined the rest of your makeup due to the tears streaming down your face. 

5. There’s Such a Thing As Too Thick


When you start on your eyeliner journey, you’re dealing with a lot of mistakes. A lot of newbies try to overcome these mistakes by just putting more product on. Unfortunately, this is another mistake. You can fix a problem by just adding more mess to it. The only thing that can truly make you better is practice. 

6. Investing in Cheap Products


There’s a catch-22 for when you first start putting on makeup–not only are your skills shoddy, but you don’t even have the budget to invest in high-grade products. That means you’re doomed to have a wobbly eye-line with product that’s prone to smudging, flaking, and running. 

7. Uncertainty


Sometimes, the problem isn’t necessarily in the skill. Sometimes, it’s all in your mind. When you second-guess yourself when you’re applying your eyeliner, the outcome is bound to be unsatisfactory. Have confidence in your abilities and you’re much more likely to end up with a successful look.

8. An Unsteady Hand


Developing a steady-hand is arguably the hardest skill to solidify when learning how to apply your eyeliner. It takes loads of concentration and complete confidence in your abilities–two traits that are hard to come by as a young woman. 

9.  Only Applying Eyeliner On the Bottom


The “bottom-only” look is a look that has almost completely gone out of style (thankfully). But back in the day, it was an unfortunate makeup trend that only those new to the makeup life ascribed to. 

10. Lopsided Eyes


There’s nothing more frustrating than completing one eye perfectly and moving onto the other and utterly failing. When you’re just starting, the number of times you have to wipe one eye completely off and start from scratch is infuriating. 

11. When You Don’t Know Where To Start the Line


This is one of those tricky eye-makeup meta-skills you only learn through doing. When you first learn to put on eyeliner, it’s a bit of a challenge to figure out where you want to start your eyeliner. In the corner? Mid-lid? Somewhere in-between? The choices seem endless!

12. The Famous Raccoon Look


Another unfortunate right-of-passage in the eyeliner world, every makeup aficionado has to go too far before they discover the error of their ways and come back to the good side. We all had that phase in high-school where we looked like we learned to put on our eyeliner from Jack Skellington cosplay tutorials.