13 Flaca Gifs for Everyday Situations

Flaca’s wisdom will set you free…

Applying for jobs after college like…

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / lethargybomb / Tumblr

Looks like helping cousin Tito wasn’t a waste of time after all.

When mami asks if you have any dirty clothes.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / sincerely-gay-noah / Tumblr

Me: That’s just the beginning.

Showing up to the party and no one you like is there.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / giffingoitnb / Tumblr

“FOH. I’m going to Marisol’s party.”

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Showing the world how many f*cks you give.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / orangeislikesunshine / Tumblr

That’s right, girl. Not one to be found.

Waiting for the bathroom when your ENTIRE family is visiting over the holidays.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / octopusgirl / Tumblr

Between your primos and tíos, you’re lucky if you can even take a shower.

When Prince Royce suddenly comes on your iPod.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / iuyftfitifi / Tumblr

?Yo sólo quiero darte un beso. Llenarte con mi amor el alma.?

Swapping boy stories with your bestie over tequila shots.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / madelinewestens / Tumblr

“Entonces me dije, all serious like, ‘Baby, this has been the most incredible night of my life. I know I just met you, but I think I love you.'”

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When you hear your tías talk about why you’re still single.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / hala-bl-zayn / Tumblr

That death stare.

Convincing your newly single friend she looks better than ever.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / gifs-andthings / Tumblr

Her: No one’s going to talk to me at the club. ?

Me: First, stop crying cause this mascara isn’t waterproof.

You live in Miami, it’s 70 degrees, and you forgot your damn gloves.

Credit: Hey Vivala / YouTube / livingthegifs / Tumblr

Me: You can do this. Think warm thoughts. It’s only three, freezing feet to the car.

Payday, Friday and you’ve got plans after work.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / oitnb / Tumblr

Fitted red dress? ✔️ Cash on deck? Claro. F*ck-me pumps? Let’s do this.

Trying to decipher your chola friend’s texts.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / sincerely-gay-noah / Tumblr

Get it together or just call me. I’m getting a headache reading your texts.

When your hermano is in trouble so you pile it on to look better.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / angrychicano / Tumblr

Mami: I don’t know what to do. If only he could be more like you, mija. You figured it out.

Me: ?

Hearing your classmates the first day of Spanish class.

Credit: Kelly LeRox / YoutTube / orange-is-the-new-black-fan-page / Tumblr

Could you not butcher my native language, please?

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When your ex asks what you want to do this weekend.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / nannettestan / Tumblr

Me: Let’s get it ooooonn ? *Marvin Gaye voice*

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These Are The 13 Gifs That Absolutely Dominated The Gif World In 2019 According To Giphy

Things That Matter

These Are The 13 Gifs That Absolutely Dominated The Gif World In 2019 According To Giphy

Jasmine Masters

Whether you’re team GIF or team JIF, it doesn’t matter, the animated shorts speak to all of us. Uniting group texts, Slack channels and email threads alike with their humorous content, we’re all obsessed with them. So, naturally, when Giphy revealed its top 25 most-viewed GIFS of 2019, we had to share the very best with you all. In a time when words just aren’t enough, GIFs did all the talking for us. The list features a healthy dose of headshaking “Nopes” as well as a good amount of Keanu Reeves to maintain balance, have a look at the top 13. To see the full list, click here.

1. And I Oop by Jasmine Masters 

419.1 million views. This was the best meme of 2019. Period. The iconic drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 is the reigning queen of internet humor. 

2. Angry by Shameless

with 382.1 million views is all of us. She expresses our disapproval, disgust and anger towards basically everything/everyone. 

3. Say Hello by Nick Jonas

We really wouldn’t know how to explain the fact that Nick Jonas got nearly 300 million views. Guess his way of saying ‘sup’ really summed up everyone’s mood this year?

4. Happy by Samm Henshaw

“Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

5. Great Job by Bounce TV

“Thumbs up” consistently ranks high as a term users are searching for on GIPHY and Carl Payne’s (from Bounce TV’s Last Call) is a great one!

6. Happy Cheering by Bluesbear

It’s cute, it’s wholesome and it’s happily cheering on you. What else do you need in a positive GIF?

7. Keanu Reeves’ Thank you by Netflix

Keanu’s role in Always Be My Maybe was VERY much loved by fans. The movie was super popular and seeing Keanu let his hair down and show his sillier side made everyone love him even more than they already did… if that was possible.

8. I love you by Mia Page

“Love” is by far the most popular emotion searched and shared on GIPHY. So it’s no surprise that this sweet animated GIF is included in this list.

9. No Way “smh” by Desus & Mero

The Kid Mero —one half of the Bodega Boys, who host a popular podcast and the “Number 1 Show in Late Night” (self-proclaimed by them)— is always good for a great reaction GIF, whether you want to express Bronx Pride, Dominican Pride, New York City Pride, or just a plain old “No.”

10. Happy/Excited dance by Khalid 

2019 was Khalid’s year, and this GIF shows it. The perfect “having a good time so don’t bother me I just want to vibe” GIF from his music video “Young Dumb and Broke.”

11.“Whatever” by Friends

FRIENDS had quite a year in 2019! Not only did the show celebrate its 25th anniversary, but an official FRIENDS library channel launched on GIPHY! It’s no shock that this funny reaction GIF of Phoebe really blew up.

12. “Jack Nicholson ‘Yes’” by Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll’s version of the classic Jack Nicholson nodding GIF is spot on. This year he stopped by GIPHY to recreate a bunch of classic GIFs, including his own take on this year’s top GIF (“And I Oop”).

13. “Dog Yes” by TikTok

2019 was the year of TikTok and, to be honest, every year is the year of a good dog! This good boy popping up with a solid nod “YES” is exactly what the users want — a surprise, a super cute dog, and a definite reaction. 

This ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Says She Broke Down Crying Just While Shooting An ICE Scene


This ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Says She Broke Down Crying Just While Shooting An ICE Scene

When it comes to her role as Natalie “Fig” Figueroa on Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is The New Black” actress and activist Alysia Reiner might come off just as cold bolded as Fig is. The break out star has become known for her role as the series secondary antagonist of OITNB’s first two seasons where we watched her callously deal with the show’s female inmates.

But in a recent interview Reiner, the name behind the series’ character who ultimately became an anti-hero in later seasons, is proving she’s got a much softer heart than her character might lead us to believe.

During the series’ final season Fig took on the role of warden at an ICE detainment facility.

The highly talked about story plot has received rave reviews from critics for its timeliness and heartfelt depiction of current events related to immigration in the U.S. Many of the series beloved characters battled issues such as deportation, and saw one of the series original cast members sent back to a country she hardly knew.

As warden of the facility, Fig was often caught up in the terror of ICE and the depicted border crisis. Speaking about the experience of shooting these scenes with Buzzfeed, Reiner said that she found herself often experiencing overwhelm.

At one point, Reiner said that “just the imaginary circumstance of it” was upsetting.

“My character doesn’t break down. She handles it. She keeps it in,” Reiner said in the interview. “But after two takes, it was the first time in my life where I stopped a set, where I could not breathe and I could not stop crying. Just the idea of what’s going on… It’s deeply heartbreaking.”

After only having a “light” version of the experience that so many women, men, and children are currently enduring on U.S. soil, Reiner is encouraging fans of the show to get involved.

In her interview, Reiner encouraged fans of the show to contact “representatives to say this is not okay.”

Reiner specifically encouraged fans to contact their local representatives to address a recent incident involving ICE that had directly been influenced by the show. Earlier this month, after the show featured a real and free hotline that offered detainees a chance to contact lawyers, ICE shut it down.

“This hotline is necessary for people in detention centers. It’s horrific that it’s been shut down, so deeply wrong,” Reiner said during her interview and encouraged users to contact representatives to complain.