13 People Who Used Mexican Culture To Look ‘Fashionable’ At Coachella

Coachella 2016 is blossoming with “new” styles… that are actually rooted in Latino culture.

Let’s start with the obvious.

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We all know where these came from ?.

Credit: @miss_canvas_palette / Instagram

There are hints of old Mexicano culture in short dresses.

Credit: @scarlettofashion / Instagram

And long skirts.

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Hmm, this embroidery is verrrrry similar to the one abuelita used to stitch.

Credit: @howimetmyoutfit / Instagram

The resemblance goes down to the belt buckle.

Credit: @tessahen89 / Instagram

Vaquera boots, check.

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They’re even copying our style in purses.

Credit: @scarlettofashion / Instagram

Mexican blankets are everywhere.

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They pair perfectly with the sombrero trend.

Credit: @gypsylandthrift / Instagram

Most jewelry has an indigenous flare.


Credit: @tamilore_uk / Instagram

There are nods to today’s Latino culture, from nails…

Credit: @myk.makeup / Instagram

To makeup…


Credit: @dollhousemermaid / Instagram

…To familiar looking tassel jackets.

CrediT: @hellathrifty / Instagram
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Remember this?

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