12 Years After ‘Move Ya Body,’ Nina Sky Is Better Than Ever

Credit: Tommy Boy / YouTube

You might remember 2004 as a white, blond pop princess’s paradise, where Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Levine and Brittany Spears dominated the charts. Then, Nina Sky, a Puerto Rican-American queer duo of identical twins from Queens came along and blew them all out of the water. Their hit “Move Ya Body” rose to the top of the billboards instantly and had us all dancing in the grocery store.

Twelve years later, they’re back! Break out the boom box because their latest song, “Champion Lover,” needs to be playing right now.

In an interview with Huffington Post, they talked about how different it is making music today. “We look at someone like Frank Ocean when he put out his music and then he said, ‘Hey, I’m gay,'” said Nicole Albino, one-half of the sister duo. “That was so powerful. In 2004, I couldn’t do that because of the pressures and the way they thought that Latinas should look and hold themselves. It’s always hard. It says a lot about someone who has the courage to be themselves.”

They feel better than ever making music today. “When you are your most honest self, it is the most effortlessly cool thing you can do,” she continued. “And people will respond to that.”

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