Why Do You Love the Cholas? Because Of Life Advice Like This.

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The Chola Wisdom knows no bounds. Follow these tips to a happy relationship, on-point eyebrows and just the right amount of crazy.

Dudes, it’s pretty simple to keep her happy.
be thoughtful and sht resized

Likewise for the ladies…
dudes everything resized

You can even be your dude’s everything on the first date.

go get it resized

But a word of caution!

dont be a hoe resized

Good news: You can manage your men if you manage your eyebrows.


The eyebrow advice doesn’t end there.

ugly eyebrows resized

In fact, it doesn’t end at all. Get that wingtip.

Boom, Wing resized

If you look a little crazy, you’re doing it right.


But there’s a fine line between fun crazy and scary CRAZY.

psych ward resized

Exhibit A: Fun crazy when your dude has a wandering eye.

do it together resized

Exhibit B: Scary CRAZY if dude dares take that eye too far.

wasting my time resized

Heed these Cholas’ advice. They know what they’re talking about.


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