12 Things Your Parents Definitely Do When They’re Drunk

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Parenting is hard work. (We don’t know, but that’s what mami says ALL the time.) However, like most things in life, it seems to run a lot smoother with a little help from Mr. Jose Cuervo and Miss Aguardiente Antioqueño. Here’s a list of things our parents are way better at once they have some liquid courage in them.

They find the confidence to belt out songs in front of an audience.

And this is how we learned the complete lyrics to Vicente Fernandez’s “Volver Volver” by the time we were 5.

To go along with those vocals, they discover the rhythm they were never born with.

Forget bachata and punta. All of a sudden mami’s shaking it to Pitbull and dad is leading “El Caballo Dorado.” Kill me.

The most embarrassing is watching them become affectionate with other people’s kids.


“Mijito querido, usted es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida” to your cousins they only see twice a year.

Giving advice becomes a thing of second nature.


“Cuando yo era joven” usually follows a hilarious true story of dad or mom doing something they will later deny ever doing.

Dealing with what normally would be the worst news ever, is a piece of cake, cake, cake.


“¡Eso no son penas, salud!”

Before you they know it, they’re quadrilingual.


Whether it’s English, Spanish or a completely new, undecipherable language, dad can suddenly deliver hour-long monologues.

For once, they whisper slur sweet nothings.


The same dad that tells you to “man up” when you sob over a broken bone, suffocates you with emotional bear hugs “mijo, estoy bien orgulloso de ti.”

They’re not drunk if they don’t take a trip down memory lane.


Were you aware your mom practiced gymnastics in high school? Neither was she. The more she drinks, the more creative she gets.

That friend you have que no le caía bien…They’re suddenly chatting it up as if they’ve been comadres for years.


Particularly about every embarrassing moment of your childhood.

You drunk text, they drunk Facebook.


Bebiendo con mi hija like it’s 1969!!!!

Oh and they also take a ton of selfies. DUCKFACE selfies.


Who the heck told them about Instagram?!

The night doesn’t end without them expressing their true feelings – in excessive form.


“I love you VERY much, mija, pero su abuela… I have never liked esa vieja.” (Mind you “la vieja” is probably sitting right next to you.)

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Here Are 5 Times Donald Trump's Name Was Used By Racists In Schools


Here Are 5 Times Donald Trump’s Name Was Used By Racists In Schools

Ana De Santiago/ Facebook

Ever since Donald Trump announced his run for presidency last year by calling Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists, his supporters have taken to using his name as an insult lobbed at Latinos and other minorities. In some cases, this has resulted in violence. In Kansas, for example, a white motorcyclist yelled “Trump” at a Latino and Muslim man before assaulting them, and in Boston, where two Trump supporters beat up a homeless man. Unfortunately, invoking the GOP frontrunner’s name in the name of bigotry has sullied our schools, as well. We’ve compiled a list of five separate incidents where “Trump” was used to insult minority students.

Tulane University


As part of Kappa Alpha Order’s (KA) annual tradition, the fraternity at Tulane University…

Posted by Ana De Santiago on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Credit: Ana De Santiago/ Facebook

On April 7, the Tulane Chapter of the Kappa Alpha fraternity erected a wall using sandbags, a tradition that kicks off the fraternity’s annual “Old Ball” festivities. For this year, they decided to decorate their wall with Donald Trump’s name and his “Make America Great Again” slogan. The wall was recently taken down and the fraternity issued a statement claiming satire. We’re inclined to believe them. After all, it’s not like predominantly white fraternities in the South have ever said or done anything racist.

University of California, San Diego

We are deeply disturbed by reports this morning that hooded male adults were seen writing pro-Trump propaganda as well…

Posted by UCSD College Democrats on Saturday, April 9, 2016

Credit: UCSD College Democrats/ Facebook

Every year, UCSD welcomes admitted students to visit campus for an event called “Triton Day.” For three to five men wearing hoodies, this was the perfect opportunity to spread their message of hate. College students using chalk to show their love for Donald Trump is a larger national trend — known as “The Chalkening” — but what sets USCD apart is that in addition to pro-Trump messaging, these unidentified men also wrote “build the wall,” “deport them all,” “f**k Mexicans,” and “Mexico will pay.” Even worse, they scribbled it in front of the UCSD Raza Resource Center.

Elkhorn High School (Wisc.)

Credit: Today’s TMJ4/ YouTube

During an April 7 soccer game, a group of students from Elkhorn High School in Elkhorn, Wisconsin — which is predominantly white — started chanting “Donald Trump! Build the wall” at Latina and black players from Beloit Memorial High School. The chants resulted in several players breaking down crying in the middle of the field.

Here’s the frightening thing: The chant was started by three elementary-aged students, at least according to Elkhorn District Administrator Jason Tadlock. This just goes to show you that xenophobia and racism knows no age.

Ohio University

Credit: @JewhadiTM/Twitter

Students at Ohio University woke up April 7 to a wall graffitied with “Trump 2016” and “Build The Wall.” According to the Athens Post, multiple members of various fraternities and sororities were at least partially responsible. Although none of the students involved will be disciplined (they remain anonymous), national fraternity and sorority organizations have cancelled Ohio University’s Greek Week in favor of events aimed at stressing the importance of diversity.

Andrean High School (Ind.)

Tonight at the Bishop Noll vs. Andrean (both private catholic high schools) basketball game, the Andrean “super fan”…

Posted by Ashley Howard on Friday, February 26, 2016

Credit: Ashley Howard/ Facebook

When it comes to basketball in Indiana, much like love and death, there are no rules. That’s probably why fans of Andrean High School, a mostly white school, thought it would be a good idea to use Donald Trump as a taunt against their bitter rival, Bishop Noll, whose team has multiple Latino players. We get that sports make you do horrible things (trust, we’ve been there), but you can’t use competition as a guise to say horrific stuff and not expect people to call you out.

That ESPN Deportes sign, though, is kind of legit funny, so kudos to you, bigots.

READ: Shocking Footage of a Trump Supporter Attacking A Latino and A Muslim Surfaces

Did we miss any egregious incidents of people using Trump as a racial slur? Hit us up in the comments and don’t forget to click that share button.

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