12 Things Your Parents Definitely Do When They’re Drunk

Parenting is hard work. (We don’t know, but that’s what mami says ALL the time.) However, like most things in life, it seems to run a lot smoother with a little help from Mr. Jose Cuervo and Miss Aguardiente Antioqueño. Here’s a list of things our parents are way better at once they have some liquid courage in them.

They find the confidence to belt out songs in front of an audience.

To go along with those vocals, they discover the rhythm they were never born with.

The most embarrassing is watching them become affectionate with other people’s kids.

Giving advice becomes a thing of second nature.

Dealing with what normally would be the worst news ever, is a piece of cake, cake, cake.

Before you they know it, they’re quadrilingual.

For once, they whisper slur sweet nothings.

They’re not drunk if they don’t take a trip down memory lane.

That friend you have que no le caía bien…They’re suddenly chatting it up as if they’ve been comadres for years.

You drunk text, they drunk Facebook.

Oh and they also take a ton of selfies. DUCKFACE selfies.

The night doesn’t end without them expressing their true feelings – in excessive form.

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