This Birthday Party Tradition Have Trust Issues with mordida cake

If you’re on the receiving end of the chant “MORDIDA cake” beware because it can only mean one thing: you’re about to get creamed.

Take these videos as your warning…

This cake guy never stood a chance.


Credit: Maria X/Vine

At least half of the cake survived.

OUCH, don’t hurt the poor guy!


Credit: sabby_patty/Instagram

What are you trying to do? Break his nose?

This brave soul knew what was coming and tried to prevent it.


Credit: yzcsw1504/Instagram

Her shirt reads “protect this house,” too bad she wasn’t wearing one that says “protect my face.”

This little one fought back in the best way possible.


Credit: la chica lobo/Vine

I don’t think the adults saw that coming, do you?

Apparently, these little savages don’t like cake.


Credit: Juan Carlos Perez/Vine

The best part is hearing the adults in the background trying to stop it.

This proves you can’t trust anyone.


Credit: little_bit_a_suciaa/Instagram

I like how her eventual attacker looks like he’s just checkin’ his nails at the beginning. ?? Had us fooled.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?


Credit: regina glez/Vine

At least this happened outside so she can wash her face with the manguera.

Sometimes you don’t get smashed into the cake, the cake smashes into you.


Credit: jafra01/Instagram

Pobrecita, she probably thought she was safe ’cause she was at work, but NOPE.

No matter how dolled up you are, you are not safe.


Credit: rocflher/Vine

Welp, there goes her hair and makeup.

His arm is in a cast and still they have no mercy.


Credit: Montse Toranzo/Vine

They couldn’t push his head any deeper. That cake looked so good, too. What a waste.

Even celebrities aren’t safe.


Credit: liliestefan/Instagram

Yup, that’s Lili Estefan from “El Gordo y La Flaca” getting the mordida treatment from Thalía. See, celebrities are just like us, but their cakes probably cost more.

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