11 Valuable Life Lessons Learned At The Hair Salon


There is no place as special, sacred and necessary for many Latinas as the local hair salon. Because it’s not just a place, really. Here, let’s show you what we mean:

1. Chisme always comes back to get you.

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Talking about Dayanara’s cousin’s neighbor’s secretary’s boyfriend’s friend’s ex-girlfriend’s dad’s mistress’s poodle fetish with everyone at the salon is fun as hell, yes. But you know what it means, right? It means that the minute you leave, they gonna talk about YOU TOO, FOOL.

2. …But it’s also the best way to bond.

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Then again, nothing brings people close together quite like talking about other people.

3. There’s nothing that coffee can’t heal.

Hard day? Broken heart? Headache? Bad case of comemierda-itis? Don’t fret. Someone will inevitably bring cafesito and treats to cure whatever ails you.

4. You’ve got to respect the hustle.

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Visit most Latina-owned salons on any given day, and you’re likely to see a woman selling purses, wallets, dangly earrings, bookmarks, dog sneakers, eyelash ornaments and root canals, all out of the trunk of her car. That’s how you do the damn thing.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


This isn’t, like. A salon for the delicate. BEAUTY IS WAR. Here, you get poked and prodded, your hair and skin and nails twisted and transformed until you wonder how you have any left at all. But at least you look damn fine.

6. Time is relative.

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No appointment at your salon is ever just an hour. You sit down, start talking, sip coffee, share some pastelitos and pan dulce, and before you know it, it’s five weeks later.

7. You need people.

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Latina hair salons are about the hair and nails and eyebrow shaping, sure. But they’re also about bonding with other women, other Latinas who get your humor and references. Got an issue that needs solving? Take it to the salon.

8. And people need their spaces.

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This is where you can let go of stress, take huge beauty risks, talk sh*t, catch up with friends, and just be YOU.

9. Beauty is 99% ritual…

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It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Especially when it involves taking time to let yourself get pampered and spoiled.

10. …And 100% personal.

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Want acrylic nails shaped like dying swans? Want hair so big it tickles Jesus’ feet? Go to the salon and get it done. All that matters is that YOU love it.

11. There’s no place else you’d rather be.

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It’s not an appointment; it’s an experience.

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Someone Put A Border Wall Around Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star


Someone Put A Border Wall Around Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star

Nick Stern / Facebook

Tourists and Angelenos walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week got a unexpected surprise. Someone — allegedly an artist who goes by Plastic Jesus — finally built Donald Trump his damn wall. Only the wall is being used to contain the Republican candidate’s star from spreading its rhetoric to its neighbors.

This was the scene on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as people flocked to Donald Trump’s star.

Credit: Nick Stern / Facebook

In an Instagram post, Plastic Jesus seemed to be reveling in the fact that people were finding their way to the Donald Trump star and enjoying their time taking photos.

That’s right! Someone finally built Donald Trump’s little wall that he’s been crying about.

Credit: SNL / NBC / q-pasgifs / Tumblr

And it looks like people couldn’t get enough of the baby wall.

Credit: Nick Stern / Facebook

The star is located near the Forever 21 store on Hollywood Boulevard, not far from the Hollywood-and-Highland metro stop.

It’s a much different form of protest than when people were literally defecating on the star, forcing workers to clean up human waste.

It’s truly a magical display of civil disobedience and political disagreement.

And it’s bringing out all kinds of people in Hollywood who just want to marvel at its majesty.

View this post on Instagram

someone already built the fence for #donaldtrump

A post shared by nelson (@n.e.l.s.o.n_) on

Not to mention the attention to detail, from the American flags to the barbed wire fence.

They even included some “Keep Out” signs for good measure to let everyone know that good ol’ Trump’s star is on timeout.

Whoever the artist is, they’re probably feeling a little like this:

Credit: Maury / CBS / The Maury Show / Giphy

Thank you, stranger. You have given the nation a little bit of joy and humor in this CRAZY election cycle. Kudos.

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