11 Unspoken Food Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Most family and friend gatherings center around la comida. And during these gatherings there are unspoken rules that must never be broken.

Rule #1: There are only 8 ingredients for guacamole: salt, pepper, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, lime juice, and chiles.

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You can keep the peas, kale, pumpkinfeta and watermelon for your other snacks.

Rule #2: Remove the corn husks from your tamales before you eat them.

This might be common knowledge, but U.S. President Gerald Ford never got the memo and before you knew it we had “The Great Tamale Incident” of 1976.

Rule #3: When you make burritos, mix ALL the filling together.

Nobody, like, nobody wants a mouthful of plain rice when they bite into a burrito.

Rule #4: Don’t drink the last beer unless you want to make the next beer run.


Nobody wants to make the beer run.

Rule #5: Don’t eat the last nacho.

Not that there is any real etiquette here, but you just don’t want to be that person who finishes off the nachos.

Rule #6: You also don’t want to eat the last tortilla.

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Legit, you never know how long that tortilla has just been sitting there y toda manoseada.

Rule #7: Never eat a pupusa with a fork and knife while in the company of your Salvadoran friends.

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Also, don’t eat it like a taco. The best way to eat it is rip a piece of the pupusa, add the curtido and salsa and enjoy.

Rule #8: Some of the best tacos come in two corn tortillas, not hard shells.

The reason is because some of the filling is bound to fall from the taco so the second tortilla, which stays on the plate, catches what falls, giving you another taco.

Rule #9: Please don’t double dip your tortilla chips in the salsa.

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Sure, the salsa is amazing and you don’t want to waste any of the chip without some salsa on it, but manners, yo.

Rule #10: You have to double fry tostones if you want them to reach that perfect, crunchy texture.


Fry them, smash them, then fry them again. Nobody wants to bite into a soft toston because it isn’t any good.

Rule #11: If you take the last scoop of butter, you need to wash the container.

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To turn it into Tupperware.

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