11 Unexpected Things to Try in 2017

With each new year that comes to pass, there’s always excitement and possibilities in the air. It feels like a fresh, blank page is being turned. 2017 is no exception. Why not start your year living with a little excitement?!

Here are 11 totally unexpected things to try in 2017!

1. Unplug from social media for an entire day.

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Yes, you heard right. Deep breaths – it’ll be okay. But seriously, why not try and remove yourself from the echo chamber that is social media and go old school for an entire day?! This could be a cool thing to try with bae, or some friends. Don’t check your social media accounts once! That retweet or Snap story can totally wait…you can do it! And you’ll probably feel lighter/happier because of it.

2. Try out this recipe for hot Mexican street corn…dip.

A chip dip based off of the classic and beloved street corn?! Um, yes, sign us up ASAP. Why not try a modern twist on a home classic, and dig into some dip and chips with friends for a Friday game night? They’ll be so distracted by your dope recipe that they won’t even care when you crush them at loteria.

3. Travel to a town nearby & act like a tourist.

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If you’re trying to save on funds or can’t get ample time off work, it’s always fun to explore things that are nearby. Act like a tourist for the day and do the whole thing: selfie stick, cheesy pictures, eat until you feel like you might explode. Basically, live your best life.

4. Colombian hot chocolate…with cheese!

Wait, hot chocolate with cheese?! Yes, that is correct. In 2017, it’s the time to surprise and excite your tastebuds, and the perfect thing to kick it off with during the winter is this Colombian cheesy hot chocolate. Follow this recipe and let yourself be shocked at how deliciously chocolate and cheese melt together.

5. Ready a book a month & stick to it.

CREDIT: Times Higher Education

Okay, this one is a little hard. So many people try to do this, but very little actually succeed. Why not be one of those who actually accomplishes reading a book a month?! You’ll feel smarter, more accomplished, and it’s good for your brain.

6. Make yourself a Morgan Mule.

This fun twist on the classic Moscow Mule is a must this year. If making your own drinks stresses you out, don’t worry! This recipe is insanely easy, the next step up from cola, and the perfect thing to impress your friends. Everyone’s had a Moscow Mule in their life, but a #MorganMule?! Ummm, yes, sign me up please.

7. Try to perfect this recipe for Green Chile-Smoked Cheddar Biscuits & Chorizo Gravy With Eggs.

CREDIT: Cooking Channel TV

Mexican food with a twist is truly something special. Make 2017 the year you try out all new recipes! This dish of green chile-smoked Cheddar Biscuits and chorizo gravy with eggs has me drooling. To make this on a lazy Sunday would be a dream.

8. Take an aerial yoga class.

CREDIT: Conference of Churches / Blog

Taking a unique fitness class is always an adventure, and aerial yoga is no exception. You can feel like the circus performer you’ve always wanted to be since childhood! Plus, this is a kickass workout that has you burning calories like crazy, so you won’t be feeling guilty about enjoying that corn dip later! Call up your cousins or tia and try it out together.

9. Freeze yourself because why not.

CREDIT: Forbes.com

Cryotherapy has gotten increasingly popular, especially in major cities like Los Angeles. It’s basically where you freeze yourself for health benefits. It usually helps athletes take care of their bodies, but more and more people are trying it out as a way to reduce aging and get rid of toxins in the body. It sounds…crazy, yes, but could be a fun thing to try out in 2017! Just don’t tell your Abuela…she will probably think you’re insane.

10. Only watch movies from a certain time period.

Instead of watching your favorite movie over and over again, a fun and unique thing to try in 2017 is to only watch movies from a certain time period. For instance, 50 movies from the 1950s. There’s so many amazing films out there, and organizing it by decade is a cool way to expand your film library.

11. Only eat at family-owned restaurants.

CREDIT: El Compadre Restaurant

Instead of eating at franchises and chains, make a list of all the local family-owned food joints in your town to try. Support small business, and enjoy some delicious eats while you’re at it! It’s basically a win-win for everyone involved.

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