Watch Why 21 Years Later And We Are Still Obsessed With Selena’s Final Concert

It’s been 21 years since Selena rocked the Houston Astrodome in what would be her last ever televised concert. You know, the iconic show where the stunned in that killer purple jumpsuit. Here’s a look back at one of her most amazing concerts, ever.

She entered like a true queen, in a horse drawn carriage.


She warmed up the crowd with a disco medley and dance moves only she could do.


Let’s not forget when she totally owned her wardrobe malfunction.


She showed the world that she was so much more than just a Spanish-language musical powerhouse.


Her final concert gave us this iconic photo of La Reina.


And once that jacket came off, Selena was in full beast mode just owning the stage. ?


She threw it back to “La Carcaha” for all the hardcore Selena fans.


Selena was unapologetically Tejana when she belted out “Tus Desprecios.”


We watched her shake those hips long before Shakira was even a thing in the U.S.


She made the concert feel so intimate when she softly sang “Cobarde.”


And her after-concert hair let us all know that Selena was doing what she was meant to be doing with her life.


Credit: Fullmusicacom / Vimeo

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