11 Times Starbucks Butchered Latino Names Like It was Nothing

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Starbucks is where your name goes to die…literally. Like, WTF is going on over there? Have you tried to make your employees pass basic spelling tests? Here are perfect examples that Starbucks just DGAF about your name.

Mex = Bex

Even Starbucks employees assume every Latina is Mex(ican).

Corin Corrina Corina = Karina

Nice try Starbucks… #starbuckfail

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You tried three times and you still failed…hard.

It’s really not that hard, guys.

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Especially when we friggin’ spell it out for you.

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Wanita = Juanita

So close… yet so far! ? #starbucks #starbucksspellingfails #starbucksnamefail #almostgotit

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A for phonetics, F for general knowledge.

Jhorhé, Jhoreh, Jorgay, Jort, Jeorjé, Whore-Hay, Jorgé = Jorge

#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge #cantspell

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge #cantspell

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Well I found #starbucks and here is what #happened. #starbucksnamefail #starbuckscoffee #starbucksfail

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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Are you kidding me? How was this even a thing??


^^ So damn close. Stop being so accent happy, guys.

Every Starbucks employee ever is like…

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You can’t spell a Latino name but you can make a Pumpkin Spice Latte in your sleep? GTFO.

Soxochi = Xochester


I… I don’t even know anymore… ?

Jeuses, Jhose = Jose



How the hell do you mess up Jose? It is the easiest name out there. It is only four letters, Starbucks.

Anjalina = Angelina


Nada = Nadia

? #storyofmylife #nailsdone #whenstarbucksmakesyoufeellikeshit #biiiitch #iamsomebody #starbuckfail

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We don’t think you’re nada, Nadia.

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Seriously, guys. Buy a Spanish name dictionary.

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Marisola = Marisol


Just like adding an ‘O’ at the end of the word doesn’t make it Spanish, adding an ‘A’ to the end of a name doesn’t make it Latino.

Karman = Carmen

Compound words are hard #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail

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Where did you even go to school?

Meanwhile, in Mexico…

Gorsh George = Josh

Well, look at Mexico being all relevant and stuff.

How many times has a Starbucks barista butchered your name? Share this story so you and all your friends can get the Starbucks jajajas we all want.

The Kardashians: Reimagined As Mexicanas


The Kardashians: Reimagined As Mexicanas

Here’s how things would go down if the Kardashian Klan were Latinas. Now, obviously, they will never be good enough to be real Mexicans but it is interesting to imagine how their dramatic af lifestyles would play if they were Mexican. Let’s a take a moment, suspend reality, and allow the Kardashians to experience the Latino life as we see fit.

Their names would be Klarissa, Katrina, Katarina, Kamila and Kika.

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Where's Kendall when I need her…😭

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They would live a lavish lifestyle jet setting around South America on the fact that they are famous for being famous. They are a fun group of people, for sure, and people love to obsess about their over-the-top lifestyle.

Kris’ name would be Koncepción.

Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

It’s pretty clear why. And, yes. She would still be the fierce and sometimes feared momager that turns their life into dollars.

North’s name would be Norteada, obviously.

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It only makes sense. They might be Mexican now but that doesn’t mean that there would be too many changes to their life and names.

That whole Jordyn and Tristan drama would have gone down in the family group text.


We all know that our parents care about appearances so the drama would have stayed within the family. Not only would they still be together for appearances, but Tristan would be on the shortest leash known to man.

Y quien es Jordyn?

That’s right. She would be banished from the house and no one in the family would ever speak to her again. It’s just how our families function and that’s that on that.

They’d live in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Credit: Las Kardashian Take Culiacán / Facebook

With only the finest plebada. We can only imagine how grand their home would be in this alternate universe but one thing is for sure, we would see every inch on camera.

They would conceal their waist-trainers.

We all know that they’re really fajas and Latinas don’t expose such secrets. How else are you supposed to convince the world that your exercise routine is working without the faja?

They’d switch their stilettos for something a little more “fierce.”

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Tbh, most of us have a pair of these bad boys tucked away in our closets. We don’t wear them often but when we do, well, these boots are made for walking.

Their favorite designer wouldn’t be Olivier Roustein, but Mitzy.

Truly an icon of our time. No one would do the Kardashians better than this incredible designer with all of the Mexicana charm.

He would design Kylie’s quinceañera gowns.

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Quinceañera en programa Hoy

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Yes. Gowns. We all know that this is how it would go down. There is no way she would only have one dress. Let’s just be honest about that, okay?

They’d date hot soccer players instead of basketball players.


Now, this is an idea that more people need to get behind. Who wouldn’t want to be married to or dating one of the fine men that control the soccer field?

Instead of their own apps, they would have their own marketed piñatas.

Credit: Piñatería Ramírez / Facebook

You might be thinking that this is too on the nose, and you’d be right. However, this is also one of the most honest things the Kardashians could do if they were Mexican.

Their show would be the hottest telenovela.

Credit: E!

Because you hadn’t seen drama like this before.

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