11 Times Starbucks Butchered Latino Names Like It was Nothing

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Starbucks is where your name goes to die…literally. Like, WTF is going on over there? Have you tried to make your employees pass basic spelling tests? Here are perfect examples that Starbucks just DGAF about your name.

Mex = Bex

Even Starbucks employees assume every Latina is Mex(ican).

Corin Corrina Corina = Karina

Nice try Starbucks… #starbuckfail

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You tried three times and you still failed…hard.

It’s really not that hard, guys.

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Especially when we friggin’ spell it out for you.

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Wanita = Juanita

So close… yet so far! ? #starbucks #starbucksspellingfails #starbucksnamefail #almostgotit

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A for phonetics, F for general knowledge.

Jhorhé, Jhoreh, Jorgay, Jort, Jeorjé, Whore-Hay, Jorgé = Jorge

#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge #cantspell

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge #cantspell

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Well I found #starbucks and here is what #happened. #starbucksnamefail #starbuckscoffee #starbucksfail

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#starbucks #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail #jorge

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Are you kidding me? How was this even a thing??


^^ So damn close. Stop being so accent happy, guys.

Every Starbucks employee ever is like…

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You can’t spell a Latino name but you can make a Pumpkin Spice Latte in your sleep? GTFO.

Soxochi = Xochester


I… I don’t even know anymore… ?

Jeuses, Jhose = Jose



How the hell do you mess up Jose? It is the easiest name out there. It is only four letters, Starbucks.

Anjalina = Angelina


Nada = Nadia

? #storyofmylife #nailsdone #whenstarbucksmakesyoufeellikeshit #biiiitch #iamsomebody #starbuckfail

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We don’t think you’re nada, Nadia.

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Seriously, guys. Buy a Spanish name dictionary.

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Marisola = Marisol


Just like adding an ‘O’ at the end of the word doesn’t make it Spanish, adding an ‘A’ to the end of a name doesn’t make it Latino.

Karman = Carmen

Compound words are hard #starbucksname #starbucksnamefail

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Where did you even go to school?

Meanwhile, in Mexico…

Gorsh George = Josh

Well, look at Mexico being all relevant and stuff.

How many times has a Starbucks barista butchered your name? Share this story so you and all your friends can get the Starbucks jajajas we all want.

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