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11 Times People Made Tacos Out of Anything

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We’ve all been there. You are DESPERATE for a taco, but when you open your pantry you are left with things that don’t really make a taco…or do they?

Sometimes all a taco needs is some cheese with a side of cheese.

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Because, in the end, doesn’t that just make us happy?

Other times you can’t choose between your two faves: tacos or pizza.

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And it was probably the best meal you ever cooked.

There was that time you leaft the cooking to your roommate.

We have no meat in the house so I'm putting salsa on tortillas ????????? #salsa #salsaverde #tortilla #salsataco

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“This is the LAST time I let you go grocery shopping alone, Amber.”

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You try to eat more vegetables, but you just want tacos.

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Let’s face it. The only way to eat anything is wrapped in a tortilla.

Drunken night tacos are always a gamble.

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Mayonesa has a place everywhere…but not in a taco.

These days you’re trying to reinvent yourself, so you go with Pinterest.

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And once you finish, you realize you made a horrible mistake and wasted several tortilla in the process. ?

Out of tortillas? Just use some sliced ham to hold your taco goodies.

Credit: @Thrival_Orlando / Twitter

Or you can try turkey. Go crazy.

Giving macaroni and cheese new life or a desperate cry for help?

Credit: @jewishcabello / Twitter

Probably just a cry for help.

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Out of hotdog buns? Good thing you can make it a taco.

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After all, what matters is what’s on the outside ?.

We’ve all gotten adventurous on those long weekends.

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Waffles and tacos exist separately for a reason: calories.

And, of course, the college-budget, just butter taco to hold you over till you go home and clear out your parents’ fridge.

Butter Taco #foodie #epicurious #gourmet #buttertaco #studentlife

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Or as mom calls it, taco de aire.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever tried to turn into a taco? Share this story by tapping that share button just below!

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9 Latino 'Super' Foods and Drinks to Get You Past Your Hangover

food and drink

9 Latino ‘Super’ Foods and Drinks to Get You Past Your Hangover

Hangovers are the absolute worst. There is nothing good about them, except the hangover cures.

Vuelve a la Vida will do just that – bring you back to life.

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#acomer #vuelvealavida #puravida #yameroladieta

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It’s like ceviche and a michelada had a baby just to cure your throbbing head.

7-Up works on more than just an upset stomach.

Best part is that you might have some just lying around after your night of partying, so you don’t even have to leave your house. #makingitwork

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Afraid of the hangover getting worse? Just grab a michelada and meet it halfway.

If you don’t vomit from the smell of booze, you’re doing alright.

Of course you can always run to the ole’ stand-by: massive sauce-drenched burritos. ?

It’ll soak up all the remaining alcohol and get you full enough to slip into a food coma.

A bowl of Bolivian fricasé might do the trick if you have the patience for that.

Or just make your way to abuelita’s house and let her know what’s up. She’ll take care of you.

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You may have never heard of it, but Leche de Tigres should be more than enough to jolt that hangover out of you.

Credit: @frandaperu / Instagram

What is it? Not much, just the juices they use to marinate the shrimp for the ceviche with a shot of pisco.

You can’t go wrong with some pan con mantequilla and café con leche to ease your pain.

Credit: @werenotyellingwerecuban / Instagram

It truly is the life source you need after a an epic night out with your girls that you will never remember.

Mondongo, anyone?

For that person who always turns to menudo, but wants to see what else is out there.

But you could have avoided ALL of this if you just listen to our Puerto Rican friends and rubbed lemon slices on your armpits before drinking to keep you hydrated.

Seriously. You can’t make that up.

What is your go-to hangover cure? Share this story below and help your friends nurse their hangovers!