From Funerals to Hospital Visits, 11 Times Latinos Overshared Via Selfies

“But first, let me take a selfie” might as well be the Latino motto. Sure, many call for a photo to capture a sweet memory, but here are 11 times Latinos could’ve done without a selfie…

1. Nobody needs to know when you poop.

2. Nothing says closure like one last selfie with the dead guy.


3. Your selfie is not worth my life, got it?

4. Why would you take a selfie with abuelita when she’s in the hospital?

5. WWJD? Not take a selfie while someone is trying to preach.


6. No one wants to see you post-sex.


7. Do you not have any other pictures with your dog?

8. You’re supposed to record the birth, not delay it for a pose.

9. Gyms are for working out…not for taking selfies.


10. Do natural disasters really provide a good backdrop?


11. Again, in case you didn’t get it, no one wants to see you poop.

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