From Funerals to Hospital Visits, 11 Times Latinos Overshared Via Selfies

“But first, let me take a selfie” might as well be the Latino motto. Sure, many call for a photo to capture a sweet memory, but here are 11 times Latinos could’ve done without a selfie…

1. Nobody needs to know when you poop.


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2. Nothing says closure like one last selfie with the dead guy.

#Velorio #viuda #Tristeza #funeral #feliz que tal….. estas señora.. esposa y cuñada… sera q amaban al difunto??

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3. Your selfie is not worth my life, got it?

4. Why would you take a selfie with abuelita when she’s in the hospital?

5. WWJD? Not take a selfie while someone is trying to preach.


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6. No one wants to see you post-sex.

#aftersexselfie #ink #inkaddiction #tattoo #supernaturaltattoo #pierced #piercings

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7. Do you not have any other pictures with your dog?

En honor a negro. #lapalmó #funeralselfie #antesdeladios #esooonosehace #Unileverpatrocinador

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8. You’re supposed to record the birth, not delay it for a pose.

About to give birth, but wait lemme take a selfie first #laborselfie #selfie

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9. Gyms are for working out…not for taking selfies.

Home sweet home ! ❤️❤️

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10. Do natural disasters really provide a good backdrop?

#WildFireSelfie # #FireChaser #BringTheHeat ?????????????????

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11. Again, in case you didn’t get it, no one wants to see you poop.

Late night Caca and talks with the bae #specialpeople #toiletselfie #talking

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