11 Things That Instantly Remind Us Of Selena

When you’re a Selena fan, you just see things differently…

Like the flamenco emoji…

Credit: mtv / Tumblr

You definitely overuse of it.


Credit: geniverse / Tumblr

The emoji hand pose has to have been inspired by her, right?!

And anytime you pass room #512…

Credit: fixeche / Tumblr

Fingers crossed a hot guy comes out.

Old beat-up cars get you singing…

Credit: @kombocito / Instagram

?Carcacha, poco a poquito?

And those random doors in the middle of the desert?

Credit: EMI Latin / YouTube

Okay, you’ll probably never come across one, but if you did, you’d SO think of her.

When your heart skips a beat…

Credit: the-sun-is-on-my-side / Tumblr

(Sigh) Nothing describes that feeling better than the words “Bidi bidi bom bom.”

Even disco music was brought into your life thanks to Selena.

Credit: laljipota / Tumblr

Now Donna Summer is on repeat.

The moon, especially when you miss someone.

Credit: sailorluna / Tumblr

*Starts singing lyrics in head*

Love letters!

Credit: No Me Queda Más / EMI Music / YouTube

And roses. If Selena were a flower, she’d 100% be a rose.


Credit: Selena / WB Pictures / the-lotus-iridescent / Tumblr

You KNOW you say these words in your head when you see a fat medium pizza in front of you. She helped you embrace your eating habits. Thank you, queen ??.

And washing machines!

Credit: Selena / WB Pictures / selenaquintanillas / Tumblr

Obviously you think of this dance move, not that appliance taking up space at home.

And you can’t forget: red lips, liner and big hoops…


Credit: @mak3upjunky / Instagram


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