11 Experiences That Unite All Super Pale Latinas

You’re constantly informed that you don’t “look Latina.”

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Well you didn’t look dumb, you Rando Expert On Latina Looks, and yet here we are.

So you find yourself having to defend your ~Latinosity.~

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Just be you. You don’t have to act any type of way for anyone.

And you’ve actually been asked, “If you’re Latina, then… why are you white?”

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*Spins a globe.* Let’s teach you a lil’ bit about history…

Sometimes people give you weird looks when you talk about “white people.”

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Yes, we’re white, but we’re not White.

Even other Latinos think they need to speak to you in English…

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…Or they share chisme in Spanish thinking you can’t understand.

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You slowly realize lots things “made for Latinas” — like magazines and beauty brands — don’t realize pale Latinas (or black Latinas, for that matter) actually exist.


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We come in every shade!

You collect nicknames like “güerita,” “rubia,” or, at some point, “blancanieves.”

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People treat you differently once they learn your name.

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Low-key xenophobes always make themselves known eventually.

People constantly try to guess where you’re from.

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Nope, not Irish. Not Polish. Not Russian. And only half Martian.

…And even when you tell ’em, they insist that it can’t be true.

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“Nooooo, you can’t be…”

Did I stutter?

Oh well. Pass the SPF 6,000.

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