The Few Fun Things That Came With School, Your Parents Said No To

If you grew up in a strict and overprotective Latinx home, you sometimes thought starting school in the Fall meant freedom. You know damn well that wasn’t always the case because mami and papi had a whole other list of things you also couldn’t do in school, you know, to keep you forever on lockdown. It was all out of love, right?

It started even before class, when you thought you’d commute with your friends. Instead, you were faced with this:

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They would find a way to have a tía or someone from the family pick you up, but if worse came to worse, they’d have poor Abuelito waiting at the bus stop for you in the hot Miami sun. There was no way you were walking alone or riding the bus with strangers.

Lunchables? Ha.

My childhood in a nutshell #latinoproblems

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Because there were always leftovers at home… which tasted much better than bland crackers tbh.

While the cool kids were having lunch off campus, you were stuck at the bleachers eating recalentado out of your mom’s Tupperware.

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Porque la calle es para los vagos and that’s not who your mother raised.

It was normal for most kids to hangout on campus after school… but not you.

Because you’re not most kids. Mom’s logic was the more time you spend en la calle, the more time there is for you to be kidnapped.

They even questioned extra-curricular after school programs.

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Because they could never trust who we were with, even if it was a meeting for the chess club. And if it was for a “sports game,” you weren’t playing.

Which meant overnight field trips were an instant…


Well, unless one of them or a friend’s parents were chaperoning.

Sleepovers? What are those?

HA! You mean sleeping at a casa ajena for more than an actual day? You’re dreaming. You weren’t even allowed to sleep at your prima’s house.

Sometimes you didn’t need to sleep over, but wanted to do normal kid stuff like go to the mall or watch a movie. But this is how they reacted when they didn’t know this amiga.

Every name they don’t recognize will be met with a “QUIEN?” and mami demanded your new friends’ cell phone number and their mother’s, too… for emergencies.

So even the thought of going out with the cutie from your class had you like…

OK, maybe this was just me? Doubt it.

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What else did your parents not let you do in school? Let us know in the comments so we can laugh (and cry) about it together.

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