11 Things Latinos Need to Stop Apologizing For

Why are we always apologizing for sh*t that doesn’t matter? It’s almost like we feel the need to apologize for EVERYTHING. Just because we don’t get cheesy Seinfeld references, it doesn’t mean we should say “sorry.” Here are more things we need to stop apologizing for…

Celebrating LITERALLY everything.

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Yes. I can’t come to your for-nothing party because I have to celebrate my nephew taking his first steps. That only happens once, bro.

Not getting your friends’ pop culture references.

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Mira, if the reference isn’t about Teresa or Rebelde, then I honestly DGAF.

When did we start apologizing for having a sexy accent?

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Your accent is just proof that you are more amazing and culturally aware than the person pointing it out.

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You should never apologize for being loud because you are Latino.

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I’m not going to whisper to you just so you can feel more comfortable.

Speaking Spanglish.

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As soon as you find the English word that perfectly means “tiki tiki” then I’ll consider not using Spanglish.

Feeling insulted when someone tries to fetishize our culture.

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Our culture is about strength, courage and passion. Should we sit by quietly as someone tries to fetishize us? Answer: no.

Our parents not speaking perfect English.

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Say whatever you want about me, but DO NOT talk crap about my mom.

Blasting kick-ass salsa music while you are waiting for your friend.

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If you want to ride in the car, you better start liking Celia Cruz like now.

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Correcting someone when they pronounce our name wrong.

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It’s common courtesy. If I have to learn the difference between Britney, Brittanie, and Brittnay, then you can learn how to pronounce Xiomara.

Asking for hot sauce everywhere we go.

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If me asking the waiter for hot sauce means you have to wait to eat your food, so be it. No one is making you wait.

Being so damn awesome.

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Because we are awesome and we should just own it.

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