11 Things Latinos Need to Stop Apologizing For

Why are we always apologizing for sh*t that doesn’t matter? It’s almost like we feel the need to apologize for EVERYTHING. Just because we don’t get cheesy Seinfeld references, it doesn’t mean we should say “sorry.” Here are more things we need to stop apologizing for…

Celebrating LITERALLY everything.

Credit: Pitch Perfect 2 / Universal Pictures / yosub / Giphy

Yes. I can’t come to your for-nothing party because I have to celebrate my nephew taking his first steps. That only happens once, bro.

Not getting your friends’ pop culture references.

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW / jtvgifs / Tumblr

Mira, if the reference isn’t about Teresa or Rebelde, then I honestly DGAF.

When did we start apologizing for having a sexy accent?

Credit: I Love Lucy / Desilu Productions / vivilu98 / Tumblr

Your accent is just proof that you are more amazing and culturally aware than the person pointing it out.

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You should never apologize for being loud because you are Latino.

Credit: The Simpsons / Fox / PatricktheLESTER / Reddit

I’m not going to whisper to you just so you can feel more comfortable.

Speaking Spanglish.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / parangarico / Tumblr

As soon as you find the English word that perfectly means “tiki tiki” then I’ll consider not using Spanglish.

Feeling insulted when someone tries to fetishize our culture.

Credit: dajallo / Tumblr

Our culture is about strength, courage and passion. Should we sit by quietly as someone tries to fetishize us? Answer: no.

Our parents not speaking perfect English.

Credit: xoxardnekoxo / Tumblr

Say whatever you want about me, but DO NOT talk crap about my mom.

Blasting kick-ass salsa music while you are waiting for your friend.

Credit: Louis C.K. / FX / fyeahlouisck / Tumblr

If you want to ride in the car, you better start liking Celia Cruz like now.

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Correcting someone when they pronounce our name wrong.

Credit: KPNX 12 News / NBC / micdotcom / Tumblr

It’s common courtesy. If I have to learn the difference between Britney, Brittanie, and Brittnay, then you can learn how to pronounce Xiomara.

Asking for hot sauce everywhere we go.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine Nine / 20th Century Fox / takeustoglory / Tumblr

If me asking the waiter for hot sauce means you have to wait to eat your food, so be it. No one is making you wait.

Being so damn awesome.

Credit: 2 Broke Girls / Warner Bros. TV / ittakesbloodandguts / Tumblr

Because we are awesome and we should just own it.

Share this story with your friends and let’s start changing the culture of apologies among us.

Here Are The Most Latino Overheard LA Tweets That Will Make You Jajaja


Here Are The Most Latino Overheard LA Tweets That Will Make You Jajaja

Slices Of Light / Flickr

There’s a reason that major cities in the U.S. have their own “overheard” social media account. Each city has its own brand: New Yorkers are Dead Inside; College Students are Drunk;  San Francisco Ends Relationships via The Cloud.

While Los Angeles is stereotyped for being the birthplace of wannabe influencers and self-obsessed yogis, it’s arguably the most diverse city being overheard on the Internet. We have a feeling Latinos had something to do with these *special* moments:

The classic *exotic* accent confusion.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Honestly, we all know those people with the thick and kind of sexy accents. It is not surprising to think that someone might confuse one accent for another.

You know this girl was raised by Latino parents.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Oh, Natasha, only your parents think you’re a disappointment. Don’t project your parents’ old-school expectations onto your friends. We live in a time when you don’t have to be married by the time you are 20 because it is time for you to shine as a strong, independent woman.

There are two alternate realities to living in LA.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

There are the people who pay $14 for a superfood, activated, soaked, medicinal mushroom and CBD infused smoothie. Or those who are okay getting a watermelon smoothie for $5 from el elotero.

When we’re not having kids and directing our love and affection a los gatos.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

If you accept the invite and don’t show, you’re dead to me. Tbh, going to your friend’s pet’s birthday party is very important in Los Angeles. Like, millennials are not wanting to bring children into this world so why not treat the rescue pets like children?

What’d I just say?

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

It’s the modern day nuclear family. They had their wild days but have since raised a chihuahua that deserves a proper Latino celebration of his or her life.

Here’s a Latina daughter knowing exactly which button to press to shame her father.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Education is everything, and if your parents didn’t sacrifice everything to put you through private school, then their parents did. I’m saving this comeback for a rainy day.

When you’ve accomplished all your parents’ hope and dreams by 20.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

The bar is really low for daughters. They just need to find a nice boy and not get pregnant until after you’re married. Sounds archaic but it is literally one of the truest things about growing up Latina.

When you’ve suddenly turned into your mother.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

The first question wouldn’t surprise a single Latina. My beauty school drop out Latina mother would shed a tear of pure pride if those words came out of my mouth.

Latina mamis coming in hot with the #DiscardedYam at Thanksgiving.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

You know this is a Latino because every time we asked our moms why they hit us this time, it was because of our personalities. Best to mask that with marijuana, mijos.

Get your domestic immigrants outta here!

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Everyone else is welcome. Any Angeleno will be snarky with you if you moved to LA from Miami, but Mexicanos, Puertorriqueños, Salvadorenos, bienvenidos a Los Angeles!

Every sister’s greatest wish at Navidad.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

What do we have to give our brothers to make them STFU? Forever bargaining with California’s greatest asset: legalized marijuana.

LA: where your yoga instructors know to qualify any reference of a Wall.


CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Whatever your presumptions about LA, we’re also out here protesting the wall, the Drumpfs, and children in cages. Your yoga instructor is also burning effigies of the President on the weekends outside City Hall.

We’ve grown up to realize all the ghost stories our parents told us are true.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Those stories used to scare the mierda out of us as kids. As teenagers, we scoffed at our parents and thought they were from a dumb generation. Today, we chillin’ with our parents’ ghosts and leaving their favorite spirits out. 🥁🥁🥁

Oh, you grew up with oppressive fear of inheriting the mental illness your family refuses to acknowledge exists, too?

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Didn’t realize abuelo was actually loco until we visited him at the loco hospital and that’s why mami was so afraid of us having feelings. Sooo… like, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of us woke up to voices in our heads. Just me?

We could be cousins. We could follow each other on IG. We both work in the service industry.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

In LA, you could know somebody from anywhere. Sometimes it’s from a family photo.

We need streaming content that doesn’t require tickets to a movie.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Yeah, our parents taught us how to sneak a hot meal into a movie theater, but we have Netflix now. Let’s watch Aunt Becky go to jail over piping hot tostones.

LA: where the class gap is so large, sexism isn’t your only problem.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Hi, this is your friendly reminder that Latinas earn just 53 cents for every dollar a white man earns, and it shows. It’s sexist and classist, honey.

If you know, you know.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

It’s not just East LA. It’s the Inland Empire. It’s really easy and there are so fewer yogis and $14 smoothies. That’s all.

I love this woman.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

Wait, was that me? I love myself.

When your life’s purpose has to live up to the blood, sweat, and tears your parents put in to get you there.

CREDIT: @overheardla / Instagram

It’s called immigrant guilt and the irony of including this into a blog post does not escape me. 😅

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Definitely NSFW! The Origin Of Mexican Swear Words Explained

no pos wow

Definitely NSFW! The Origin Of Mexican Swear Words Explained

Mexican swear words or groserías are some of the most powerful in the world. Seriously, if you yell at someone using Mexican insulting vernacular chances are you will get some respect. Like karate, groserías should only be used as a defense and never as an attack. Mexican Spanish has produced some very interesting and borderline poetic swear words, which are slowly but surely being incorporated into Spanglish and everyday conversation in the U.S. So you better be prepared!

Share this list only with those with whom you share a strong share of trust and camaraderie. And don’t ever share this with your madrecita santa unless you two are really, really into shared banter. Otherwise, she will lavar tu boca con jabón por pelado y majadero, mijo.

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