11 Things All Bilingual Kids Know To Be True


Bilingualism is getting a lot of attention these days, with older generations of Latinos worrying about younger people speaking too much English and plenty of insecure bozos getting very angry over the same group speaking too much Spanish. It’s like we can’t win! EXCEPT, YES WE CAN. Because being bilingual is awesome! And sometimes awkward, sure. Allow us to explain.

You get twice the chisme.

Credit: mitú / MTV

Get that tea and that scalding café, bb.

You’re basically a one-person United Nations translation committee.

Credit: ABC

You’re able to help soothe the language barrier between two people, and that’s kind of like having a super power, if you think about it.

And can feel at home in several places.

Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

You can move through neighborhoods, regions and entire countries knowing that you won’t need translation help.

Of course, then there’s the issue of wondering whether to pronounce words in Spanish *properly.*

Credit: Vine / Rosangel y Joselyn

Awkward. Like, no one wants to be the person who over-pronounces “Nicaragua” while speaking in English.

You can bond with other people like you.

Credit: Riffsy

There’s nothing like the bond between two people who can share chisme in Spanish among monolingual gringos.

…And be shady, if you’re about that life.

Credit: Vine / Catrachigringa

Just sayin.’

Often enough, your grasp of two languages allows you to communicate with different generations.

Credit: CW

You’re connected to the past, present and future. For so many of us, Spanish ties us to our families, while English is increasingly the language used at work and among friends. Knowing both means we’re able to inhabit several worlds simultaneously.

Your language skills are GOOD for your brain.

Credit: NBC

You friggin’ genius, you.

And you can weed out the haters.

Credit: Vine / Luis Miguel

Deal with the bilinguality, or go!

There’s double the jokes.

Credit: SpanishPlans

More terrible puns for everyone! Yay!

…Because the reality is, you speak THREE languages: English, Spanish and Spanglish.

Credit: Blogspot / AllAboutSpanglish

Pero like, that’s the reality.

So, hey. Your skills are pretty damn impressive.

Credit: WordPress / Zeemee

Go you!

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Are you bilingual? Do you have any Spanglish puns for us?

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10 Latina Comedians Who Should Be On SNL Right Now


10 Latina Comedians Who Should Be On SNL Right Now

Instagram / ruizajenni

Despite the lack of evidence on “Saturday Night Live,” there are tons of hilarious and badass Latina comedians. To prove our point, we’ve decided to roundup 10 amazingly talented Latina comedians who could totally rock it out on the show.

1. Veronica Orsorio

I mean, she looks right at home on that iconic stage! An actress, writer, and comedian, Veronica Orsorio is a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Her character work, sketches and improv background make her a perfect person for “Saturday Night Live.” You should definitely check her out in Más Mejor’s “Diego & Valentina” series.

2. Jesenia 

giphy (41)

You know when someone is so funny, it’s almost painful to watch their sketches, because you’re laughing so much it feels like you just did an ab workout? That’s Jesenia.

She’s part of Comedy High Productions, and we’re obsessed with her. Her characters are ridiculous, and she’s an incredible actress to boot. SNL would be better with her on the show.

3. Jenni Ruiza

giphy (42)
Credit: YouTube

A frequent collaborator with Jesenia, Jenni is an incredible singer and comedian. She and Jesenia are also behind the “Still No Latinas” campaign, specifically addressing the lack of Latina representation on SNL, and host a podcast together called The Fixxx. Check it out!

4. Selene Luna

Credit: Instagram / selene_luna

A stand-up comic, burlesque artist, writer and speaker, Selene Luna is super versatile and taking the industry by storm. She’s got one hell of a resume that includes working with Margaret Cho and Dita Von Teese, and we’re obsessed.

5. Gina Brillon

Credit: Tumblr / YouTube

Whenever Latina comedians are brought up, you can bet that Gina’s name is mentioned many times, and with good reason. A stand-up, writer, actress and winner of NBC’s 2012 Stand up for Diversity Showcase, Gina is a bonafide badass. She’s got the experience and the comedy chops, so what are you waiting for SNL?!

6. Patti Vasquez

View this post on Instagram

This guy. #manspreading on my shoulders.

A post shared by Patti Vasquez (@pattivasquezchi) on

Credit: Instagram / pattivasquezwgnradio

Patti Vasquez, aka “Lipstick Mom,” is a Chicago-based comedian. She’s also the host of
The Patti Vasquez Show on Chicago’s WGN Radio, and creator of the series “Patti Happens.”

7. Monique Marvez

Credit: Twitter / Monique Marvez

Monique has not one but three comedy specials: “Latin Divas of Comedy,” “Snoop Dogg Presents the Bad Girls of Comedy,” and her own Showtime special, “Not Skinny, Not Blonde.” She. Can. Get. It. Plus, she’s always touring and performing live.

8. Marga Gomez

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.17.33 AM
Credit: Vimeo / Marga Gomez

As it states on her website:

MARGA GOMEZ has appeared on LOGO’s “One Night Stand Up,” Showtime’s “Latino Laugh Festival,” Comedy Central’s “Out There” and HBO’s “Comic Relief” at the invitation of Robin Williams who called her “Amazing… a lesbian Lenny Bruce.”

Hell. Yes. If someone had Robin Williams’ seal of approval, do they even need anything else? SNL would be lucky to have this incredible performer.

9. Debi Gutierrez

giphy (44)
Credit: YouTube / mommycomic

Not only is Debi a stand-up comedian, she’s also an actress with tons of television appearances. Her relatable humor makes her incredibly down-to-earth, and when you watch her you feel like you know her. Which makes her a perfect addition to the SNL ensemble. Since she also has lots of hosting experience, we could totally see her as an anchor on Weekend Update.

10. Joanna Hausmann

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 4.44.11 PM
Credit: Flama

Homegirl is hilarious, and she does it all. She’s a video creator, writer and producer for Univision’s digital comedy platform, Flama

Her videos are satirical and often address issues many young Latinas face today. Like this video:  Things White Latinos Are Sick of Hearing. For Latinas who look white, THIS VIDEO IS SO SO REAL. PRAISE YOU QUEEN.

So. What are you waiting for, SNL?

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Who are some of your favorite Latina comedians? Let us know in the comments below!