These Quinceañera Moments Happened At Everyone’s 2000s Quinceañera

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The traditions of quinceañeras date back to Aztec times, but as with most things each generation puts its own spin on the tradition. Por ejemplo, if you had a quinceañera in the 00s, the following are a few #SMHD tell-tale signs.

Your dress was like WOW!

Credit: senor_codo / Flickr

The colors, the details, the embroidery; it was all ON!

Your cake was elaborate.

Credit: cfrausto / Flickr

Your cake made most wedding cakes want to hide in shame.

The theme was taken seriously.

Credit: imajenesexclusivas / Flickr

Zoot suits were a classic theme.

Choreography had to be on point.

Credit: valkyrieh / Flickr

You and your court practiced for weeks on end to get all the dances right. I mean, you even vals’d in your sleep because you didn’t want to miss a step.

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Your music selection was eclectic.

Credit: valkyrieh / Flickr

No one would be disappointed. Mariachi a must for the older folks and a DJ for your friends.

You and your crew rode in style.

Credit: wonderlane / Flickr

It made you feel like royalty.

You had a super stretch Hummer if you were extra fancy.

Credit: imagenesexclusivas / Flickr

Whatever, your super elegante limo was WAY more classy.

Your last muñeca was sacred.

Credit: mtphrames / Flickr

You’re not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea to keep your last doll all enclosed during the party, lest she end up in rehab à la Lindsay Lohan.

There was seating drama.

Credit: rsutphin / Flickr

Deciding where everyone was going to sit and who would be at the head table created escándalos worthy of a telenovela.

Centerpieces were works of art.

Credit: phil_g / Flickr

These one-of-a-kind works of art took HOURS to make. You had to practically glue them down to the tables so no one would take them home.

Your quince photos were a production.

Credit: imagenesexclusivas / Flickr

Uh, at the time it seemed like a good idea to take “outdoor” photos without going outdoors. What were we thinking?

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