After Reading this, You’ll Want to Sweep Your SO Off their Feet with a Serenata

Balloons, cake, and a piñata are great on your birthday, but what about a serenata? The tradition of serenatas is dying, but it’s up to us to bring it back.

Serenatas are the Latino version of singing telegrams.

They’re old-school which means super cool vintage nowadays.


They’re guaranteed to make an impression no matter who’s around.

Credit: null1fy / Tumblr

From the neighbor screaming because it’s too loud to your baby cry with joy, everyone is impacted by their presence.

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Serenatas can be hired for so many different occasions from quinces….

To your inevitable weddings.

Your significant other will never forget it.


They have the words you don’t to describe how you feel.

Credit: applexenos / Tumblr

Some times all you can come up with is “I love you” while they can come up with “I love you because you make my heart sing.” See?

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It would be a total surprise because no one uses serenatas anymore.


They make women, men, children, tus tías, all very happy.

They are as culturally relevant as La Reina and we all still love her, right?

Credit: No Me Queda Mas / sbrown82 / Tumblr

Anything for Selenasssss!

Plus, they wear super fancy outfits to make all those occasions that much more special.

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