These Photos Prove that Not Everyone Is About the Big Booty Life

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Everybody wants a big booty, right? Well, next time you are with your big booty bestie, just ask him or her what it’s really like to be forced to endure a life of too-big-for-you clothes and panting men when all you want is to take a little walk around the block. A big booty, to some, is a dream come true. To people with the big booty it is more of a curse than a blessing. Here’s why having a big booty might likely make you more miserable than you might think.

It’s almost impossible to find a perfect #OOTD unless it’s a maxi dress.

Why is no one addressing this problem in the fashion world? Someone needs to take up the torch and create a line of clothing that takes big booties into account. There should be no reason that a person can’t have the perfect outfit every day just because their butt is too big. It is a disgrace that this is not being addressed in the highest levels of the fashion community. Where are you, Nina Garcia?

All your shorts and pants are a couple sizes bigger just so they fit over your butt.

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But then you have this weird gap and it makes the pants scrunch up when you put your belt on. It is definitely one of the most frustrating experiences any person could imagine. Like, I just want pants that fit me like a glove. Why are we so against curvy people having appropriate clothing to cover their bodies.

When you do find the perfect jeans, it’s not long till this happens.

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Talk about a frustrating moment. Nothing is more embarrassing, or funnier, than trying to bust a move at a carne asada then spending the rest of the day with a pair of pants or shorts with a major tear right down the ass. Like, why? How do you people not always have ripped pants? I can barely climb a flight of stairs without my pants giving out and turning into leg warmers.

Skirts always look like a mullet for your hips.

Business in the front, party in the back. It’s almost like people making clothes don’t think about what the human body actually looks like. Or, at the very least, what the body of healthy and normal human beings look like. If we could all be stick thin models with no hips or curves, this would be great. Alas, that is not our situation.

Your big booty has a habit of showing you all the worst in society.

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Speaking of those pesky skirts. Who else has to pretend their skirt is a tube top when putting them on because there is no way that little piece of fabric is going to stretch enough to fit over your booty. No matter how much you suck it in, your booty is not going anywhere. The only option is throwing it over your head and sliding down and into place. Talk about a tedious and unnecessary start to the day.

Your morning workout is getting your jeans on.

We all know the process here. You find the jeans that you want to wear and they are determined to make you change your mind. You slide them up to your thigh and then they slow down instantly. You try the wiggle dance and maybe even jumping hoping that gravity can lend a hand to your battle of the denim.

Eventually, you lie down on the bed with your legs in the air and pull down with all of your might while sweat starts to break out on your forehead and your grunt with frustration and determination. Then, like magic, they slide right over your butt and you are in the jeans. Nothing good comes easy, and for some, that means wearing their favorite jeans.

Even your leggings have a way of betraying you.

Is nothing holy anymore?!?! I just need to get dressed for my yoga class. I don’t want the whole class to know that it is laundry day because they can see through my leggings. Something has to be kept to the imagination. How can we get thicker leggings? Who are we petitioning for adequate leggins that keep everything we have a secret from our yoga classes?

Like, people really don’t understand the problem of having a big booty and trying to be lazy and comfortable like the rest of the world.

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It truly is a universal problem for all big booty beauties trying to be comfortable as we go through our days. We just want the same kind of comfort as everyone else. Is that too much to ask for?

Betrayed indeed! It is never easy to hide the same booty that kept your ex going wild for all of that time you spent together. No matter how much you try and try, there is no denying your booty in a crowd of people. It is low key the saddest and hardest thing you have to deal with.

No chill. It all started as a joke but things soon went too far. There is no way back from this kind of treatment no matter how much you try. Talk about an abuse of a friendship. How rude.

Hide-n-seek is NEVER your friend.

Seeker: I can see your ass hanging out of the bushes, Lara. I’m coming for you.

Me: Every time! ? This is so not fair!

Online shopping is your worst enemy when it comes to dressing yourself.

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It is always worth the trip to the store if you are going to truly make the most out of your money and your shopping. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours online reading reviews and scrolling through thousands of styles in hundreds of stores. After all of that, you wait a week for shipping, because who pays for express shipping, and find out the booty won’t let you wear the clothing.

Lastly, you’ve been this person more than once and it never gets less embarrassing.

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I can’t count how many times I have knocked over signs, dishes from tables, and just about everything that is not nailed down. It is truly one of the most embarrassing moments because people know that it was your own booty that caused the commotion.

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7 Times Paquita Was a Complete Savage


7 Times Paquita Was a Complete Savage

Credit: @jaimesanchz / Instagram

She’s a savage HBIC that gives us so much life. Like…

When she wore a swimsuit on “El Gordo y La Flaca” and did not give a f*ckkkk.


Credit: El Gordo y La Flaca / Univision / wincorrigible / Tumblr

When she had no chill saying all men are terrified of her.


Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

“Nunca ningún varón me ha dicho de frente algo en contra porque saben que no le iría nada bien conmigo,” she said in an interview with Nación. Surely men were rolling their eyes, but few would dare confront her. Slay.

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When she decided this would be her catchphrase…


Credit: pabloemr / Tumblr

“¿Me estás oyendo inútil?” has become her catchphrase and trust – you don’t want to be the next person she yells this to.

When she didn’t hold back about revealing why she cheated.


Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

“Tres veces te engañé, la primera por coraje, la segunda por capricho, la tercera por placer,” in her song “Tres veces te engañé.”

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When she told Romeo Santos he sucks in bed.

Credit: Edsel Andrea / YouTube

She shut him down completely.

When she told Espinoza Paz not to write about her sex life.


Credit: memexico / Tumblr

Espinoza Paz wrote a song for Paquita about a woman “que se mojaba.” Yes, exactly. To add insult to injury, he didn’t deliver the song personally. He sent it with an assistant.

The top moment has to be when she gave us the best line to recite to all the assh*les.


Credit: j0s0x / Tumblr

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