10 Non-Basic Mexican Brides

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A bride’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, so why not make it extra special by incorporating some long-standing Mexican traditions? These weddings celebrated all that is vibrant and beautiful about love and Mexico. #AmorALaMexicana

 1. This bride made sure her bridesmaids could wear their dresses after the wedding.

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These are so cute and perfect as summer dresses!

2. Because everyone else wears the same black tux, this bride convinced her man to dress as a charro. ?

It’s like having your own Alejandro Fernández.

3. The braided updos and huge gold earrings usually worn by folklórico dancers got an elegant spin on this Durango bride.

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So stunning! ?

4. Cans hanging from a string? Not for this modern bride. Her preferred mode of transportation is a beautiful and colorful trajinera.

Y que vivan los novios !!! #mexicanweedingstyle #xochimilcoweeding #mexicanbride #mexicanweeding #mexicancity

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Cuter than a princess riding a horse and carriage.

5. A Mexican-inspired background like this makes the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures.

Welcome To The Family Norali !!! ??#MexicanWedding #FamilyPicture #June2016

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It may not be a red carpet, but this bride was showered with paper flowers, an electric neon mantel, and a wall of streamers as the crowning touch.

6. This bride mixed modern and traditional to create this gorgeous embroidered mermaid dress.

The calavera mural in the background set a scenic backdrop for the bride’s stunnig dress and just look at the back of the groom’s tux! Can we have the number of his tailor? In ? with the serape fabric design!

7. This bride added some fun to the partayyy by including a #MexicanWedding tradition.

El baile de la escoba is said to be a tradition to start a clean marriage.

8. Flowers are nice and all for centerpieces, but have you tried tequila?

This couple wasn’t playing when it came to party favors. Bottoms up!

9. And in San Miguel de Allende, they go big or they go home.

Parades with paper mache versions of the bride and groom followed by a procession of music and well-wishers is common in Mexico.

10. It’s not a wedding without cake, right?

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How adorable is this non-traditional cake topper?! Truly signifies till death do them part(y).

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What do you think of this Mexican wedding ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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