11 Netflix Biographical Dramas To Keep You Entertained This Winter

1. “Gloria”

Based on the music career of Latina pop singer Gloria Trevi, this movie highlights both the life-changing successes and failures throughout Trevi’s career. If you’re looking for a film with telenovela-like drama, this is it!

2. “Che”


Focused on the life and journey of revolutionary leader Che Guevara, this intense film is a must-watch.

3. “Frida”

this movie was a piece of art | I loved it #fridakahlo #fridamovie

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Although many recognize her solely as a famous Latina artist, this film takes you through the harsh and beautiful details of Frida’s life. If you’re a fan of her work, this movie is perfect for you.

4. “Carlos”

Filled with action, violence and suspense, this movie shows you the multiple terrorist attacks committed by “Carlos the Jackal.”

5. “Chapo: el escape del siglo”


Although this figure is often joked about, this movie reveals the serious and dangerous power of drug lord Joaquín Guzmán… Also known as el Chapo.

6. “Mexican Gangster”

Based on a true story, this movie takes you through the violent crimes committed by a Mexican mariachi singer who was a serial killer in disguise.

7. “Reaching For The Moon”

Obsessing over this movie. #reachingforthemoon

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Based on Carmen Lucia de Oliveira’s novel Flores Raras e Benalíssimas, this movie shows you the dramatic love life of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares.

8. “Citizen Buelna”


This movie takes you through the events of the Mexican revolution and focuses specifically on the life of Rafael Buelna Tenorio. If you’re interested in learning about an underrated Mexican revolutionary leader, this is for you.

9. “Eisenstein In Guanajuato”

This biographical drama shows you the life of film director Sergei Eisenstein. Taking place in Mexico, this movie intensifies the beauty of Mexico’s culture and history.

10. “Chato: The King Of Brazil”


Starring Marco Ricca, Andrea Beltrao and Leticia Sabatella, this movie highlights the life of Chato, one of the important figures responsible for bringing Television to Brazil.

11. “Trinta”


Taking place in Brazil, this fun movie about dance and music focuses on the career of Joaozinho Trinta. If you’re looking for a lively film, “Trinta” is the way to go.

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Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions


Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions

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There are few people in this world that are as iconic as Frida Kahlo. She’s captured the minds and imaginations of generations of people from all over the world. We’ve seen her story told before, including on the big screen, but fans have long awaited a Netflix rendition of the artists unique story and now it seem like we may finally be getting what so many of us have wanted for so long.

The Frida Kahlo Corporation is developing a TV drama series based on the artist’s storied life.

Acording to a report by Deadline, the Frida Kahlo Corporation is working with a media company and famed Venezuelan composer and singer Carlos Baute to produce a drama series following the life of the iconic artist.

Frida Kahlo has inspired and influenced fans around the world and has had a major impact on the Latinx diaspora, the art world, feminism and culture as a whole. So, it seems that producers are pulling out all the stops to make sure they do right by the artist.

The series is being written by Latino talent, lead by Joel Novoa and Marilú Godinez. Novoa, who has worked on Arrow, Blood and Treasure and the feature film God’s Slave is attached to direct. The partnership will create a slate of content to celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo in different genres.

“The idea is to talk about what the books don’t,” said the writing duo in a joint statement. “The subtext behind each painting, the richness of Mexico’s 20th century and the revolution. Themes that are incredibly relevant at this unprecedented time.”

Carlos Dorado of the Frida Kahlo Corporation added, “Frida Kahlo corporation is always looking for talented people who know how to exalt the life of an icon like Frida Kahlo. In this case the professional team that has been formed is distinguished by its great professionalism, experience and most importantly the sensitivity to be able to approach a project as important and transcendental as Frida Kahlo. This high professional team will always have the support of Frida Kahlo Corporation.”

So when can we expect to see a series about one of the world’s greatest artists and feminist icons?

The team expects to start production of the series during the second half of 2021. A studio has already shown interest and the presentation of the project to the market is expected to occur in February.

“We are currently developing and writing the basis of the series and expect to be ready to present the project in the upcoming weeks,” the team said in a statement.

Also, why has it taken so long?!

Should the series find a studio and distributor, this would be the first drama series focusing on Kahlo in recent history. It’s been almost twenty years since her story was told on the big screen, when Salma Hayek portrayed the icon in the 2002 film Frida. That film went on to earn six Oscar nominations, winning for Best Makeup and Best Original Score. More recently, Kahlo was voiced by Natalia Cordova-Buckley in the Oscar-winning Pixar pic Coco. 

In addition to this, in 2019 it was announced that there would be an animated film about the painter.

But fans of the iconic feminist and artist have long hoped to see a TV series depicting her larger than life personality and role in shaping the world we live in today and it looks like we may finally get what we’ve asked for.

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Cardi B’s First Leading Movie Role Will Thrill ‘Sister Act’ And ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Fans


Cardi B’s First Leading Movie Role Will Thrill ‘Sister Act’ And ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Fans

Michael Kovac / Getty

For one of her upcoming projects, fans of Cardi B can expect a throwback to her older days. That’s right, Cardi B is stepping into a familiar role before the screen. The former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star has proven herself capable of making music bangers and in Hustlers she showed that she can hold her own when it comes to the big screen.

Now, the rapper is playing the lead in Paramount’s upcoming film Assisted Living.

Cardi was recently cast in the “raucous comedy” called Assisted Living.

According to Variety, the upcoming film “is being described as a ‘raucous comedy’ with ‘tremendous heart.’ Fans of Cardi can expect a film that looks quite a bit like Tootsie, Sister Act, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

The upcoming film follows Cardi B as Amber a small-time crook who gets herself into trouble when a heist goes wrong. “On the run from the cops and her former crew, she struggles to find anywhere to hide, reports Variety. “Running out of options, Amber disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in the one place no one will look — her estranged grandmother’s nursing home.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Cardi B has been in a major film.

In 2019 she appeared the blockbuster film Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Keke Palmer.

And of course, for some time fans were hopeful that Cardi would take on the titular role of a reboot of the ’90s sitcom “The Nanny.”

According to CNN, the reality star-turned-rapper has been in talks to play Fran Drescher’s daughter in a potential reboot of the ‘90s sitcom.

Speaking about a potential reboot in 2018, Fran Drescher told Extra in an interview “[I’m] talking to her representation. It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and it could be super fun.” Here’s hoping we get more Cardi B on screen!

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