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Latino-Themed Cap Designs For Your Graduation Inspo


Because we make everything fabulous, even graduation caps.

Some are displaying the quote that motivated them the most through those tough years.

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Sí se pudo.

Give some love to la raza on your special day.

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The more of us that graduate and go into the workforce, the more diversity we bring into our fields. Bringing our diverse backgrounds and stories into the workforce will only make it better and easier for other Latinos after us to follow in our footsteps.

 Graduation caps are a way to let everyone know you’re a Latina doing incredible things.

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What’s better than a young Latina chasing her dream? A young educated Latina breaking down walls! Get it, mija!

If you can’t find the words, let Selena say it for you.

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Not only is this phrase super iconic, it is probably going to be recognized by so many people. Selena has had a stellar couple of years and, clearly, so have you.

Others are dedicating their graduation to the people who gave them this opportunity.

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Because you couldn’t have done it alone.

Give your parents the ultimate shoutout for their sacrifices.

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Maybe your parents were born in the U.S. and you don’t have the same story. That’s fine. Everyone’s parents did some kind of sacrificing to get their children to the stage. Good thing is that your madre always reminded you of what she gave up for you so it should be easy to figure out what to put on your cap.

 Specifically mami, who was very influential in most people’s collegiate success.

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Nothing got your ass to do your homework like her chancla.

You can be as sappy as you want.

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Nothing like a sweet, sweet poem to make your parents proud of your hard work and their sacrifices. After all, they are going to make sure that you remember how much work they put in to making sure you graduated.

This is how you have the final word.

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Case closed.

One word: Frida.

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Because these are words of wisdom.

Here’s one way to let the haters know you f*cking did it.

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It’s basically the Latino version of saying you slayed it.

Get as minimalistic with it as you want.

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No need to get too crazy with things. Just a few well thought out words and some simple drawings should be enough. There is no need to get too crazy.

Keep it short, sweet and con un poquito de español.

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Because every U.S. college could benefit from an increased Latino presence. 💁🏻

Others credit art for encouraging them to keep going.

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Whether it’s Hamilton, Selena, Teresa or Paulina Rubio, they deserve to know they kept you pushing.

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