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11 Latino-Themed Cap Designs For Your Graduation Inspo

Because we make everything fabulous, even graduation caps.

Some are displaying the quote that motivated them the most through those tough years.

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Sí se pudo.

Graduation caps are a way to let everyone know you’re a Latina doing incredible things.

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What’s better than a young Latina chasing her dream? A young educated Latina breaking down walls! Get it, mija!

Others are dedicating their graduation to the people who gave them this opportunity.

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Because you couldn’t have done it alone.

Specifically mami, who was very influential in most people’s collegiate success.

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Nothing got your ass to do your homework like her chancla.

This is how you have the final word.

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Case closed.

One word: Frida.

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Because these are words of wisdom.

For those who can’t think of anything to say, let Soraya say it for you.

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…in Spanish.

Here’s one way to let the haters know you f*cking did it.

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It’s basically the Latino version of saying you slayed it.

Keep it short, sweet and con un poquito de español.

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Because every U.S. college could benefit from an increased Latino presence. 💁🏻

Others credit art for encouraging them to keep going.

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Whether it’s Hamilton, Selena, Teresa or Paulina Rubio, they deserve to know they kept you pushing.

And, lastly, show the world how much you’ve grown.

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#ImNotCryingThatsRain ☔️ 😭

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