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11 Latino Drinks and Food to Keep You Warm the Rest of Winter

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Here we are, mid-January and we’re freezing our asses off. Luckily, these Latino drinks and foods can warm us up stat.

Api Morado

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The purple corn in the soothing Bolivian drink is super comforting when that horrible winter comes a knocking. It’s like something sent from heaven.


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If you like a strong jolt of caffeine while warming up your frozen throat, a cafecito Cubano will hit the spot.


Pretty sure no one needs convincing to down a couple bowls of this amazing stuff on a cold day. Am I right?

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Because Cubans are known for more than their coffee. Surprise, surprise. ?

Chocolate Abuelita

Of course you can always just eat the chocolate (yum!), but mixing it into a warm, non-caffeinated drink first thing on a cold morning sounds so nice, yeah?

Sopa de Bola

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From the hot broth to the burning platano ball, this soup has warmth written all over it.

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This soup is great because you can change the shrimp for chicken and it will still be just as amazing.


You can always make yourself a pot of this corn flour-based nectar of the gawds!


Or you can enjoy this cousin of atole with the added benefit of chocolate, just know it’s almost a sin to have without a bolillo to dip.

Café de Olla

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And, of course, you can keep it super old-school and just enjoy some café de olla.

What food or drink do you use to keep yourself warm over the winter? Share this story with your friends by tapping that share button below and share your own winter blocking treats!

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