11 Latina Sexpectations The World Expects Us To Live Up To

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We are the sexiest women ever to walk the face of the earth. We’re always dolled up and done up like Sofía Vergara, Eva Longoria and, of course, Jennifer Lopez. Just like them, we drip sexuality. WRONG! Yes, we’re beautiful and sexy, but these sexy stereotypes are not a reflection of our state of being 24/7. Guys, you can stop expecting all this from us…

We’re exotic.


Like some wild, undiscovered jungle animal. Yeah, just like that.

Yes. The answer is always yes.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, we’re not a sex machine ready to go on command. We go when we’re ready to go.

We’re hypersexual.


Because we don’t already have enough on our mind like school, work, friends, family, exercise.

We’re submissive.


Boy please, my mind is stronger than any one of your muscles…including that little one you have down there.

Or we’re dominant and our only mission in life is to please you in bed.


How about we’re trying to dominate the world.

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We’ll speak Spanish to you in bed.


As long as you talk dirty to us in the perfect Italian you must’ve learned from your Sicilian grandfather, you’ve got a deal.


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Because plastic surgery is where half of our salaries goes; to nip, tuck, suck and stitch everything perfectly. Got better things to spend my hard-earned paper on.

We’re ultra-feminine and delicate.


That we’re nothing more than a bunch of damsels in distress is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Strong-minded and bad ass is what we are ?.

There’s no such thing as gay Latinas.


And we like our guys macho, bien machos!

This is how we dress on the daily…


To be looked at as nothing more than sexual objects. ???!!!

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We don’t take birth control.


Yeah, because we’re ready to put our careers, and everything else we worked so hard for, on hold just to make pequeñitos whenever you want them.

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