How Many of these Infomercials Do You Still Remember?

Other than telenovelas, the only television memories we have of TV are infomercials. Those salesmen sucked us in and convinced us their products would work wonders.

Crema Concha Nacar (la del envase rosado)

Credit: Infomercial Hell/YouTube

This is like the abuela of all infomercials. The cream that could do it all.

Faja Yeso

Credit: digitalbqto/YouTube

Best part about these slimming commercials is that the girl was already skinny. Like why do YOU need a faja? ?

Oro Por Dinero

Cerdit: hellomynameischrono/YouTube

Everything about this was super shady. It was filmed in a dentist office, the actors were literally reading from the prompter. But you low-key wondered if they would take your Forever 21 jewelry… Or that tacky ring your ex gave you.

ShamWow en Español

Credit: fupoo/YouTube

Maybe this was one of the times production should’ve gone with a voice over.

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Cheap Gas

Credit: infomercialhell/YouTube

Se pasan! I can’t EVEN with this! It’s a plastic chingadera and nothing more. Also, enough with the head scratching.

Inglés Sin Barreras

Credit: TelSur CallCenter/YouTube

They make it seem so easy for dad to learn English. But if it’s so damn easy, why does it come with 156 DVDs?

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Poder Sexual

Credit: InfomercialHell/YouTube

You could not change the channel fast enough when this one came on and your parents were around. No one wants to see some guy almost kill himself because he can’t get it up with mami and papi around.

Karakol Kream

Credit: InnovativaOnline/YouTube

This crema is supposedly made from la baba of a snail. Ewwww, but Gaby Spanic does look good so maybe there is something to it.


Credit: Javier Salmerón/YouTube

Straight up brujería! How the heck does that stuff power a light bulb? Get behind me Satan!

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This Instagram Page Is Doing The Work To Identify And Expose The People Who Stormed The Capitol

Things That Matter

This Instagram Page Is Doing The Work To Identify And Expose The People Who Stormed The Capitol

homegrownterrorists / Instagram

After a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Jan. 6, people immediately started identifying the intruders. Videos have been circulating and people are steadily contacting the FBI to expose them. Instagram page @homegrownterrorists is one of the leading forces in identifying the rioters.

On Jan. 6, people stormed our Capitol building and the American people are demanding justice.

Images of people storming the Capitol building and looting the offices of members of Congress startled people around the world. One of the safest places in the world was overrun by far-right Trump supporters attacking the democratic process. Americans are demanding justice and working together to identify and report as many people to the FBI that were at the Capitol.

The Instagram page is unapologetically encouraging followers to identify people at the Capitol.

Five people died as a result of the riot, two of them were police officers. The Instagram page, run anonymously, is encouraging people to share the photos to their stories to increase the reach. The account might not have any legal power, but it is having some success. There has been more than one person identified through the IG page that has led to people losing jobs and being arrested by the FBI.

The account has disappeared multiple times but always comes back.

The mystery person running the account has expressed concern over their safety. The account has been suspended by Instagram after being reported by multiple people. There has even been some talk about them receiving threats of violence via DMs.

The person who runs the account has mentioned it randomly on their stories but with no real detail. According to recent stories, the person behind the account doesn’t want to antagonize the people sending threats.

The owner of the account did say that they have been contacted by Instagram about the account.

A tweet from HomeGrownTerrorists caught Instagram’s attention and the account was reinstated. However, there was a backup account to keep functioning in case the original got deleted. IG and the account owner reached an agreement where they get to keep the main account and the backup account was permanently banned. No questions asked.

If you want to help or be connected to the cause, you can follow this page on Instagram.

There are a lot of people left to identify and the nation’s law enforcement is bracing for more violence. Capitols in all 50 states are on alert for possible attacks and the National Guard is being mobilized in big numbers for the inauguration. We are not out of the woods when it comes to the threats that have been made.

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UPS Delivery Man Is Fired After Video Surfaces of His Anti-Latino Racist Rant

Things That Matter

UPS Delivery Man Is Fired After Video Surfaces of His Anti-Latino Racist Rant

Photo courtesy Forward Latino

An unnamed UPS delivery driver has been fired after being caught using racist language when delivering a package to a Latino household. The incident occurred on December 17th.

The video, which was caught on a doorbell camera’s security footage, shows a white UPS driver appearing to be angry when delivering a package.

“Now you don’t get f—–g nothing…You can’t read and write and speak the f—–g English language,” he says while writing a “failed to deliver” notice and pasting it on the house’s front door.

The Aviles family says that the footage shows that the UPS worker never even attempted to deliver the package in the first place. He never rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. Based on that, the family has come to the conclusion that the driver intentionally withheld the package from the family out of prejudice and spite

They believe that the only way the driver could’ve known that the family was Latino was by making assumptions based off the name on the package.

“The only information this driver had that could serve as a trigger for this deep-seated hate was the name on the package,” said Forward Latino President Darryl Morin at a press conference addressing the incident.

“So what we have here is a very intentional act to ruin Christmas for somebody, for someone to spew this hateful rhetoric, and quite honestly to deceive their employer,” Morin continued.

Per UPS, the employee has now been fired. “There is no place in any community for racism, bigotry or hate. This is very serious and we promptly took action, terminating the driver’s employment. UPS is wholeheartedly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion,” UPS said in a statement. They also said they contacted the family to apologize.

But the Aviles family is still rattled that such bigoted people are out and about, letting their petty prejudices effect other people’s lives.

“The package was a Christmas gift that we eventually received after Christmas Day, but what if it happened to have time-sensitive content like an epipen or a book I needed to take a final,” said Shirley Aviles, the mother of the man who lives at the address, told NBC News. “I don’t get it. It’s just sad.”

Aviles seemed disturbed about what this incident says about human nature. “This is about the things people do when they think no one is watching them. That’s important because that’s when you see people’s true colors and that’s what’s scary,”

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