Did She Flip Her Hair? Here’s What She’s Saying

Because you can say everything and nothing with just one hair flip.

There’s nothing like punctuating your point with a don’t-even-try-it hair flip, a la Santana Lopez.

Credit: Glee / Fox / WE TV / Giphy

Because you always have the last word. ?

When you’re trying to act cool when your crush walks into the room.

Credit: malia-hale / Tumblr

“Oh, that. I was just stretching my neck. I didn’t even notice you.”

Acting innocent is always easier when you have a pigtail to twirl.

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race / Logo / drzoerose / Tumblr


We all know this hair flip means the chisme is about to get so real.

Credit: meg-pryor / Tumblr

Giiiiiiiirl, let. Me. Tell. You.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing your frenemy “recall” a story. But she got you all kinds of f*cked up.

Credit: laurinah / Tumblr

“I see you, and I’m coming for you.”

When you see someone you don’t like, and you’re just waiting for that person to make one wrong move.

Credit: bobthedragqueef / Tumblr

I’m comin’ for ya.

Getting ready for a hot date like:

Credit: Good Hit / JenniferLopezVEVO / magnetlook / Tumblr

Lookin’ fab.

When you’re in public and someone recognizes you by your IG handle.

Credit: prostitutionhoe / Tumblr

“Thanks, darling. I’ll follow you.” *never follows*

Sometimes, you just can’t control your body when the DJ drops your new jam in the club.

Credit: trustmeyoucandancce / Tumblr

But, like, these moves #GiftFromTheGAWDS.

Then there’s the look-at-how-great-I-am hair flip you give your ex when he passes you at the bar with an obvious downgrade.

Credit: American Idol / Fox / americanidol / Tumblr

This has nothing to do with you, Hector. ?

And, of course, those days when you’re feeling your whole damn outfit!

Credit: selenaqgifs / Tumblr

And you can always give yourself a “Yaasss, kween!” before you leave the house.

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Latinos Recall The First Time They Felt Represented In Movies And TV


Latinos Recall The First Time They Felt Represented In Movies And TV


We recently asked you guys to tell us about the first time you ever saw yourself represented on TV (or in movies, if those are more your speed). Yup, we want to know — even if the answer is “NEVER!!!!”

Here’s what you bbs had to say:

It’s all about life between languages:

 Credit: Twitter / @Nina_Writes 
Credit: CW / BuzzFeed

It’s so rare to see that kind of inter-generational family relationship portrayed in a way that feels REAL.

Selena (and beyond):

Credit: Twitter / @samanthajoleal

Javier is all of us, tbh:

Credit: Twitter / @meligrosa


Credit:  Warner Bros. / TVTropes



Credit: Twitter / @FrankAlvarez

Lois is the everywoman:   Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.24.03 PM

Credit: Facebook / Nancy Vega
Credit: Fox / Tumblr 

Because, after all, Latinos don’t only relate to other Latinos.

Our great big TV fam:

Credit: Twitter / @ameliaabreu
Credit: CBS / UNL

Do you relate to any of these? Are you still waiting for an “that’s so ME” moment? Do you have any Netflix recs for us? We want to knooowwww.

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We still wanna know when (or if) you first saw yourself reflected on TV. Let us know below, on Facebook, or in a love letter.

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