The 11 Things Latinos Need to Prepare for Parenthood

Future Latino parents should really start registering for some of the items below. These are the essentials to raising a child.

Cuchara de Palo

Cuchara de palo

A wooden spoon comes in handy as both a cooking implement and a disciplinary weapon.


Chancla meme

The threat of the chancla has reached cliché  status among Latinos, but clichés become clichés for a reason, qué no?

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La Mirada

Carmen Salinas Look

Esa mirada that stops a child in their tracks…and won’t cost you a penny.


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I don’t even have to tell you that this cures EVERYTHING because you already know.


Awebo! ??? Is freaking cold. #cobija # cold #singlelife #singlelife

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Heating bills are expensive. That’s why you need a heavy duty cobija to keep chamacos warm at night.

Un Suéter

Sueter meme

You need a sweater for each child because Latino parents know that no matter what temperature it is outside, a child will catch their death in cold without a suéter.

Seatbelt Brazo


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Seat belts are useful, but using your arm in case the seat belt doesn’t keep your kid safe shows that you care enough to break a bone for the fruit of your loin.

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Chamomile Tea


Té de manzanilla is almost as magical as Vaporú.

The Frog Chant

Sana colita

Some have nursery rhymes and band-aids, Latinos have the time-tested, easing-pain chant that goes “sana, sana colita de rana” for when kids get hurt.


sopa meme

It’s comforting, delicious and a like a liquid supplement because all the vitamins are in the caldo.

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It’s a good fill-in for the threat of the chancla or cuchara de palo.

What essentials would you put in a Latino Parent Starter Kit? Click share to with your friends!

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