11 Latinos Revealed what they Really Wish for their Exes

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What do YOU wish for your ex? Is it endless happiness? Probably not. Here are some totally savage #DeseosParaMiEx tweets that will make you happy you’re single.

People were quick to point out that no matter what, their ex already lost the best.

You had one chance… And ruined it.

And others wanted their exes to know they aren’t getting another chance.


And you can forget your dog, too.

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A few people just couldn’t find the words to capture their feelings.

But like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”…or one solid middle finger, bro! #brutal

A few people had an itemized list of everything they wish for their ex.


It’s like Christmas, but for the broken hearted.

This girl wished her ex MTV fame.

And we all know that MTV fame is the most durable fame.

There were hopes and wishes for new job opportunities.

Even if the job involves working for the most famous drug kingpin ever produced in Sinaloa. It’s the thought that counts, mijo.

And this dude wished his ex a great vacation.

Where’s Chingada? It sounds sooooo romantic.?

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For some reason, proper garbage disposal and hygiene were mentioned.

One can only assume this guy needs some super glue.

Either that or his ex is going to be in a world of emotional hurt.

Others didn’t hold back.

Like, WHO would even wish that on a person?

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But the winner of #DeseosParaMiEx is this guy who knows family is best to make someone else low-key jealous.



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A Peruvian Sex Worker is Running for a Seat in Parliament and Here's Why


A Peruvian Sex Worker is Running for a Seat in Parliament and Here’s Why

Ángela Villón has been a sex worker and activist in Perú for the past 30 years.

But, in April, Villón hopes to add legislator to her résumé.

That’s right. Villón wants to be a member of Parliament.

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You’re probably thinking:

Credit: Supernatural / CW / allthesupernaturalgifs / Tumblr

In her time as a sex worker, she has been the victim of abuse from both clients and the police. Villón wants to pass legislation that would curb violence against women.

“I’m looking to combat violence against women through education, a violence that starts when we are girls and it gets worse as we grow up,” Villón said about why she is running. “In the case of prostitutes, it’s unimaginable. The politicians aren’t interested.”

She is hoping to be a beacon of hope for Peruvian women who are being abused by their husbands or clients.

Villón is the founder of Miluska, Vida y Dignidad, Perú’s first organization fighting for sex workers who are the victims of abuse. According to the Associated Press, 95 women in Perú were killed by their partners last year, while another 186 suffered attacks by knives, guns, beatings, and strangulation.

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Will she win? Only time will tell, but it’s clear that Villón is serious about changing the culture of violence against women in Perú.


(H/T: AJ+)

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