11 Latinos Revealed what they Really Wish for their Exes

What do YOU wish for your ex? Is it endless happiness? Probably not. Here are some totally savage #DeseosParaMiEx tweets that will make you happy you’re single.

People were quick to point out that no matter what, their ex already lost the best.

And others wanted their exes to know they aren’t getting another chance.


A few people just couldn’t find the words to capture their feelings.

A few people had an itemized list of everything they wish for their ex.


This girl wished her ex MTV fame.

There were hopes and wishes for new job opportunities.

And this dude wished his ex a great vacation.

For some reason, proper garbage disposal and hygiene were mentioned.

One can only assume this guy needs some super glue.

Others didn’t hold back.

But the winner of #DeseosParaMiEx is this guy who knows family is best to make someone else low-key jealous.


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