This is How You Know You’ve Found Your One and Only

How the hell are we supposed to fall in love in a world of dating apps and Netflix and chill? Sure, he seems like a great guy on the screen but does he do any of these things to really prove to you just how much he cares?

Your heart just can’t stand still when they are around.

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And your heart always skips a beat when they double tap your selfie.

You have, like, all of the same interests.

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Whether it’s making tamales or sipping margaritas, you know bae will always be by your side.

And they know what you are thinking without you saying anything.

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Like, seriously. ?

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Where the f*ck have you been all my life??

They will do whatever they can to make you happy, even if they have no clue.

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW / janegifs / Tumblr

*pulls out phone and makes massage appointment*

They have a way with words that makes you weak in the knees.

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*swoons* ❤️❤️❤️

And they know the way to your heart is through your stomach.

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With the help of this young man. Nothing says classy like watching them make your food.

Bae is the only person you can deal with in the morning.

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW / warnerbrosentertainment / Tumblr

And you want nothing more than to spend hours lost in their eyes.

They love spending time with your family even when you don’t.

Credit: Powerpuff Girls / Cartoon Network / ryanmoody / Tumblr

Because they know to win a Latino’s heart is through the family’s approval and they’ll do anything to prove it.

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You are always on their mind. #goals

Credit: Silvia Ruiz / Pinterest

This is what a good man looks like. Take note, boys.

And best of all, they do everything possible to make you feel better.

Credit: lotsoftrees / Tumblr

No matter how hangry you are.

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