11 Backhanded Compliments You Get from Las Tías…and Mom

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You know that feeling when someone gives you a compliment, but somehow makes you feel terrible? You respond with a half-smile “thank you” not quite sure whether you should be offended or ???. Las tías (y mom) are the masters of these backhanded compliments, that have bruised our self-esteem for years.

Qué lindo te quedó el maquillaje.


I can’t even see your pimples!

That dress is so pretty!


Way better than the one you wore on Sunday.

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You look SO slim.


Are you finally on a diet?

That new haircut really suits you.


Se te ve mas delgada la cara.

You are so confident!


I would never dare wear something so revealing.

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Tan linda que se te ve ese vestido.


I wish I had no boobs like you.

Anyone would be lucky to date you.

You’re not that pretty, pero eres buena muchacha.

You look so good!


I almost didn’t recognize you.

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I love talking to you.


It makes me feel so smart.

You’re so humble.


No te importa what others think about your looks.

You must love your big boobs.


They make the rest of your body look skinny.

We never can win.

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Only Latino Dads Make Their Family Go Through All This When Road Tripping


Only Latino Dads Make Their Family Go Through All This When Road Tripping

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Family road trips are one of dad’s favorite activities. A car full of food, family and the open road, what’s not to love? Here’s a look at what we all remember from going on a road trip with dad.

Your entire family gets a 4 a.m. wakeup call.

Happens every single time. And every single time, you don’t hit the road until noon or later.

He crams, like CRAMS, your family car.

He packs the car to the brim with everything you could possibly need because “uno nunca sabe.”

That means… you get away with a trunk ride!


A packed car can mean that dad may or may not make someone ride in the trunk. “No pasa nada,” he says.

Because road trips aren’t an option.


Yes, even the dogs, because road trips are a mandatory activity. If you’re part of the family, you come on the road trip.

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He doesn’t stop with the selfies.

He documents the trip as soon as everyone steps into the car… and it doesn’t stop.

And you sing rancheras till you cry.

He plays his favorite songs the entire time… eventually you learn every word and start singing along. HERMOSOOOOCARIÑOOOOOO

He depends on you to be his old-school navigator.


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He brings his Thomas Guide and expects you to navigate. Yes, old school maps because he’ll definitely lose signal on his cell phone. You’ll have to remember how to read the map first, of course. Wait, do you even remember how to unfold it?!

Then there’s those moments of golden silence.

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Actually, more like awkward silence because los papás son de muy pocas palabras. Maybe he’s just enjoying the view?


Eventually he tires out and goes to the backseat just to pass out… pobresito.

Hotels? Not with papá.

Hotels?! For him hotels are also optional, so you sleep in the car.

He creates his own tourist attractions.


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He always finds the most random things on your trips and makes the entire family take pictures with it.

Nothing ever gets in the way of papá and his destination.

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Something inevitably goes wrong either to your car or a stranger’s, but he always fixes it.

And thanks to his stubbornness, he creates a lifetime of these memories.

And you enjoy every minute of the road trip with dad and cherish the memories forever.

What does your dad do when you go on road trips? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to click the share button!

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