10 Words In English That Are Now Totally Legit In Spanish, Too

Spanglish is the blending of Spanish words into English. But what about echando English words into Spanish? Think about it! There are lots of English words that have found a home en español. In fact, more and more “Englishized” words are making their way into the very fancy and official Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, as well as into the way we express ourselves every single day.

Here are some examples.


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With the accent, if you please.


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After all, “Pilates” is the name of the dude who invented it.


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Not “twitterando,” because that would just sound absurd.


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A drone in Spanish is dron. That “e” overstayed its welcome, clearly.


Credit: Disney Channel / FcukYeahSelena

It’s not comida. Not almuerzo. It’s lonche.


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Who knows how chequear got there, but basically when someone tells you to check it out, you’d better go and chequéalo.


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¿Van a cenar en un lugar bien fancy? Better have cash for el parking.


Beep beep.

Salir del Clóset

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When a LGBTQ person comes out to their family or friends, we say “came out of the closet,” and in Spanish, it’s the same – salir del clóset. Head’s up: Clóset in Spanish is that portable wardrobe contraption. A legit closet, like the one built into the walls, is un armario.


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No, it’s not a big, layered saucy torta. It’s a sangüich! And this is where you’d get one.

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