10 Things Only Latina Sisters Will Understand

If you have a sister, you know it can be the absolute best thing in the world (and maybe the most frustrating). And let’s be honest: While sisters in general are amazing, Latina sisters are on a whole other level.

Here are 10 things Latina sisters will understand:

1. You’re called “linda” by abuelo and abuela no matter what.

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While it may seem like a compliment, since we know you’re definitely beautiful (duh), let’s call this exactly what it is: Your grandparents have too many nietas to bother remembering you and your sister’s names at all times.

2. Sharing clothes is a necessity.

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You can all put aside your annoyances with one another when it comes to fashion. (Even if you kinda know you’ll never see your favorite belt again after your younger sister borrows it.)

3. You can slip into Spanish when your friends are annoying the hell out of you.

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This is maybe the best part about being Latina sisters. When all your basic friends are turning you into the eye-roll emoji, you can just slip into Spanish and vent without them knowing. Basically, it’s a genius plan and you’re welcome. (Works well with strangers, too!)

4. You can make fun of your mom for getting too invested in her telenovela.

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And then when mom goes to bed, you can cry in each other’s arms while watching that same telenovela because OH MY GOD, IT’S SO GOOD.

5. Everything always ends in yelling (even if you aren’t fighting).

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Not trying to play into the angry Latina stereotypes here because UGH, but you and your sister can’t help but raise your voices at one another. It’s your love language so everyone needs to DEAL WITH IT.

6. It’s absolutely impossible to keep secrets from one another.

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It’s the curse of having a Latina sister. Forget trying to keep a secret from each other, you’re terrible at it! The more you try to hide something, the harder it gets. You’ve learned that no matter what, you’re sister is going to know what’s up and you just need to embrace it.

7. You have someone to back you up when your mom grills you about your significant other.

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Thank god you have someone to vouch for you… even if your sister was the one who told your mom you were dating someone in the first place.

8. You have someone to binge watch Jane The Virgin with.

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You constantly bond over how it’s a show that gets Latino culture right, and your white friends just don’t understand why you’re so incredibly obsessed with it. You and your sister are TV bingers for life.

9. You always have a dance partner.


No one gets down like Latinos! And with your sister, you’re ready to bust a move whenever your favorite jam comes on. Haters can move to the side.*

*This is especially vital when your mom makes you and your sister(s) clean the house early Sunday morning. To bomb-ass music, naturally.

10. You have a best friend for life.

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You’re BFFs for life. What more could you ever want?

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What is your favorite part about having a sister? Let us know in the comments below!

This Dominican/Puerto Rican Viner Is Showing 15 Ways Latino Parents Slay The Parenting Game


This Dominican/Puerto Rican Viner Is Showing 15 Ways Latino Parents Slay The Parenting Game

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They hate it when you even try to sleep in.

Seriously. Even if it’s Saturday and you don’t have anything to do, they expect you up and dressed super early just because.

Latino parents are always heavy-handed with the VapoRub when you’re sick.

Tbh, most of us still do this even after leaving the house. Nothing is better for a cold than slather your feet with VapoRub and putting on your favorite, big socks.

“¡En casa hay comida!”

*has flashbacks to childhood*

When it comes to whooping your ass, our parents turn into track stars.

Just check out that chancla throw.

And they do not give up until they have laid that belt all over you.

They are persistent af when it comes to punishment.

Rule #65,426 to surviving in a Latino household: Never EVER talk back.

That chanclaso, bro.

Mami is the master of car ride discipline.

No backseat is too far for her mighty chancla to reach.

We all grew up with that one china cabinet we were never allowed to look at.

And the same goes for mama’s sacred decorative bathroom towels.

And you know you can’t wait to be able to so the same.

Being 18 doesn’t mean sh*t to our padres.

Only mami and papi can give you a reason to cry, got it?

When they say shower, you shower.

And there better not be any questions.

Your friends are never to be trusted because they are ALL up to no good.

If mami has to talk to your tías, you have to talk to your tías.

Better to just go ahead and clear your weekend. It’s going to be a long phone call.

But, no matter what, they will always make sure you’re taken care of and well fed.

Even if you are too ungrateful to realize it.

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