I Always Said I Wouldn’t Do These Weird Abuela Rituals… But Here I Am

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Nothing was more fascinating than abuelita’s bathroom. Each drawer and cabinet carried weird (and often smelly) jars. Growing up, I swore to invest in fancy formulas to keep me looking fabulous. Yet, here I am, a couple decades later, adopting some of the same beauty habits of my abuelita.

Vaseline on your pestañas to make them grow.


Okay, so this theory is a bit controversial and there’s been quite a bit of back-and-forth around it, but abuelita swears by it. And, let’s be honest, this is a cheaper alternative to extensions. So there’s that.

Coca-Cola for shiny hair.


Celebs have recently made this weird hair treatment a trendy thing, but abuela is the OG spokesperson for it. Why does a Coke rinse work, exactly? Apparently, the acidity in the soda closes the hair cuticle, making the hair look nice and glowy.

Aguacate on the cuticles.


Apparently mashing avocado on cuticles will keep them from getting dry and cracked. But then again what doesn’t avocado fix?

Cold cream is all your face needs.


If you’re like me, this little pink jar brings a wave of nostalgia. I can literally smell it as I remember slathering it all over my cheeks when she wasn’t looking.

Baking soda for una sonrisa brillante and… emergency deodorant.


Weird, right? But before Whitestrips, abuelitas were scrubbing their teeth with baking soda every night and morning. Abuelitas also dust baking soda into just about anything that smells weird… even the pits.

Those cute succulents in her backyard served as a makeup remover and skin soother.

CREDIT: Green Shop Plants / Facebook

Before hipsters turned this into the thing to Instagram, abuelita always had it in her backyard in case of any sunburns, dryness or just overall good measure. She even used it as a makeup remover. She was a big aloe vera pusher.

Witch hazel for acne.


If witch hazel doesn’t ring a bell, maybe agua maravilla will. Ahhh, now you know what I’m talking about. This stuff has been the toner of choice for Latina grandmothers since forever. And, I don’t recall my grandmother ever having a breakout, so I’m guessing that’s her secret.

Coconut oil for dry skin.


Again, this natural ingredient is the trendiest thing in beauty and lifestyle, but abuela has been shellacing her face, body and hair with it since the beginning of time…er my time, that is.

Salad dressing for a deep conditioning treatment.


I never knew my grandmother to have a bad hair day and I’m pretty sure mayo and eggs is the reason. So what if your hair smells like a salad for a while?

And last but not least, apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandruff.


Before Head & Shoulders (and all of its endorsements) abuela chased me with this smelly stuff anytime she saw me so much as scratch my head. But, as an adult, I’ll suffer through the smell since it works like a freaking dream.

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