Unexpected Receipt Tips

The days of boring, rudimentary receipts are over. Now, receipts with little gems of humor or nuggets of honesty are just as good as when Uncle Ramiro pays the bill.

The Lover

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Receipts can be a great way to score a date. The key is to leave a nice note behind with your digits.


Photo Credit: @plagueonwheels

When in doubt leave an actual life tip behind. #YOLO

The Big Tipper

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See you in Italy! It’s these types of kind gestures that make every day in the customer service industry worthwhile.

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The Tearjerker

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Hot Dogs RULE! Happy Birthday, Wes.

The Apology

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If you can’t tip a waiter, consider leaving a sweet apologetic note behind, right?

The Artist


The Kid

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Every now and again it’s great to let your kids sign the receipt. Hence the star and floating head.

The Math Wiz

Photo Credit: mancertified.com

Never try to dupe a math nerd.

The Medieval

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Someone needs a hug.

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