Jay & Oscar GIFs That Sum Up Being Broke

Being broke sucks! If your funds have ever been low, you know what the struggle is like to pay a bill or find some cash for dinner. Jay & Oscar of No Cents have been there. These GIFs sum up what it’s like when your bank account is running on empty.

When You Let Your Homie Cut Your Hair and He Messes It Up

When You’re at Costco and See the Free Sample Booth

When You See How Much in Taxes Was Taken out of Your Paycheck

When You Find Enough Change in the Couch for 7-11 Nachos

WATCH: Jay Mendoza & Oscar Miranda in No Cents

When Your Friend Offers to Lend You Five Bucks and You Get Greedy

When Your Homie Doesn’t Believe You’re Gonna Pay Him Back

When You Go to Your Friend’s House and His Mom Hooks You up with Food

When Your Friend Has to Explain What “Insufficient Funds” Means

When You’re Eating with a Group at a Restaurant and It’s Time to Pay

When You’re on a Double Date and Someone Suggests a Fancy Restaurant

WATCH: Jay Mendoza & Oscar Miranda in No Cents

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