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10 Reasons Why Latinos Never Move Out Of Their Parents' House


10 Reasons Why Latinos Never Move Out Of Their Parents’ House

Living at Home

You’re the only person among your friends, who still lives at home. You get teased and asked if you’ll ever leave the nest. Sure, you don’t have the freedom or space they do, but living with your parents has serious perks. Here’s why you have no plans to move out.

1. You’re Saving Money. Duh.

Living at Home

Can your friends do that?

2. You Never Go Hungry

living at home

You also don’t have to worry about grocery shopping. The fridge is always stocked, even when you come home at 4 a.m. with the drunchies.

3. Meals Are Made to Order

living at home

Forget about ramen, week-old leftovers and over-cooked chicken. Living with mom and dad means you get to eat mouth-watering homemade carne asada, pupusas and huevos rancheros.

4. You’re Guaranteed Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi

living at home

Chances are you’re getting premium cable and Internet packages at your parents. You can tweet, Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube all at the same time.

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5. A Clean Home Is a Happy Home

living at home
Credit: jinny-and-tonic.tumblr.com

The house is always spotless. Mom may peek through your drawers and go through your laundry, but at least you can sleep at night knowing your place won’t be infested with roaches.

6. You Live With Your Best Friend

living at home
Credit: depositagift.tumblr.com

And you get to see him every day!

7. You’re in a Judgment-Free Zone

living at home

You can be as weird as you want and your family will still love you. You might get disbelieving, yet harmless stares from time to time, but that’s OK.

8. You Have a Personal Nurse

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There’s always someone to take care of you when you’re sick. Caldo de pollo and VapoRub always do the trick. Thanks Mom and Dad.

9. There’s Always a Helping Hand


No matter what kind of trouble you’re in, you know you can count on your parents to help you out.

10. There’s a Family Party Every Weekend

Best of all, you get to see your parents and siblings on a daily basis. Admit it, as annoying as they may be, you love ’em.

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