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Cleveland Indians Shave Heads in Solidarity


Cleveland Indians Shave Heads in Solidarity

Cleveland Indians
@Indians / Instagram

The Cleveland Indians have been sporting matching shaved heads to show solidarity for Mike Avilés’ 4-year-old daughter who is battling cancer.

On and off the field, these guys take the concept of “team” seriously.

Avilés’ daughter, Adriana, was diagnosed with leukemia in May. Avilés shaved his head to support his daughter before she began chemotherapy. His teammates were quick to grab their razors, too.

And it’s not just the players.

Second baseman Jason Kipnis, catcher Yan Gomes and pitching coach Mickey Callaway were the first group to trim down their locks. More players, coaches and even front-office personnel joined in for the cause.

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It’s made the skipper proud.

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Noggin! Dude.

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“I know probably some people look at shaved heads as juvenile or whatever, but it’s a bunch of guys that really care about their teammate,” said Manager Terry Francona, who’s been sporting the bald look for a while.

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And inspired people beyond their roster.


Other members of the baseball community and fans have also shown solidarity for Adriana.

Adriana’s take on her dad’s new do?

She got a good laugh saying he looked silly and didn’t like the way his head looked.

The Avilés’ family has been truly touched …

The Puerto Rican-American shortstop, who took time off to be with Adriana and missed eight games, thanked everyone for the support.

Stay strong, Adriana!

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