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#mituVERANO: Carne Asada Pizza, You Need this Recipe Stat

Nothing is Better than Carne Asada Tacos-Inspired Pizza

Love carne asada tacos?  Love Pizza? Have both in one at your next BBQ.  El Guzii breaks down how to make a crowd-pleasing pizza with ingredients from your favorite taco recipe — cheese, jalapeños, onions and, the star of the dish, carne asada.  Guzii even gives you a cheat tip so you can spend less time rolling dough and more time in the pool.

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What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jorge Ramos Responds to Trump's Immigration Reform Plan, then Drops the Mic


Jorge Ramos Responds to Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan, then Drops the Mic

Rodrigo Varela / Getty

After GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed his controversial plan for immigration reform, journalist Jorge Ramos sorted through the details and replied:


Credit: Fox / Tumblr

OK, sorta.

Ramos fired out a series of tweets questioning Trump’s plan.

First, he pointed out that American businesses are profiting from immigration.

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Then Ramos reminded Trump about a little thing called the constitution…

And how expensive it would be to deport everyone.

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

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Remember all that talk about Mexicans being criminals?

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Not only is it expensive to deport immigrants, building a wall also costs $$$:

Then Ramos had some questions:

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

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Then he set his sights on not just Trump, but the GOP:

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Then dropped this gem about the growing political power of Latinos:


What do you think about Trump’s idea of mass deportations? mitú wants to know. Let us know in the comments below.