No Cents “Border Babies”

“Border Babies”

Jay and Oscar are soooo close to figuring out a plan to make cash. When they encounter an adorable baby left alone in a parking lot, they do what any good (and savvy) samaritan would do — they start a babysitting service. These guys try their best to convince a skeptical mom to hire them, but their pitch falls flat. Later, Jay and Oscar finally find a dad who’s willing to try them out. Will Jay and Oscar be able to keep the baby safe and sound?

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No Cents "Paleteros"


No Cents “Paleteros”


Jay and Oscar are in Austin, Texas and that means one thing: a new town where they can hustle for cash. In the Texas heat, Oscar wishes they had something, anything, to cool them down. Jay reveals he knows his grandma’s recipe for killer paletas and they realize they’re not the only ones who would love paletas. They make a batch of homemade frozen pops, throw ’em into a cart and start selling. Business is booming and the cash is flowing until Oscar finds out Jay didn’t mention some of the not-so-cool ingredients in grandma’s secret recipe.

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