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Parents of 43 Missing Students Rally in the U.S.

Missing Students
Beto Rodrigues / Shutterstock

Five months after the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, 12 parents have gathered to seek support for their cause in the U.S. The three-part, 30-stop Ayotzinapa Caravan made it’s first appearance on March 16, at a panel in San Antonio and rallied to the Mexican Consulate in Austin.

Over 160 groups throughout the nation including Alabama, Michigan and New York are preparing to to welcome the parents and their advocates to help inform and demand that investigations continue until justice is served. Felipe de la Cruz, one of the tour organizers and father of one of the missing students, announced they expect to meet with representatives of human rights groups and politicians.

After completing their three separate routes along both coasts and central states, all three caravans will meet in Washington, D.C. and end the tour in New York City on March 20.

Follow the tour at or via social media at #Caravana43.

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