New Latino Show Premieres and This Happened

When Mark Hentemann and Seth MacFarlane set out to create their new animated series “Bordertown” — a sort of Hispanic “American Dad” — they wanted to take part in the anti-Latino, anti-immigration conversation that is relevant now — only they wanted to do it with the type of humor found in their other series like “Cleveland Show” and “Family Guy.”

However, after only two episodes filled with in-your-face jokes and too-subtle cultural relevance, the critics have spoken: “Despite the show’s apt timing, the satire gets swallowed up by the hyperactive joke engine. There are so many cutaway gags that the show feels bored with itself. The social humor is curdled and mean,” said The New York Times.

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And The Hollywood Reporter said: “More than anything, the early episodes of Bordertown feel like the launch of MacFarlane’s American Dad!, which premiered as a Family Guy clone…  It took a couple seasons for it to develop into its own occasionally wildly imaginative series and it’s not unreasonable to imagine Bordertown could do the same… check back in in two years if it survives.”


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